Meet the Cast of Relatively Nat & Liv

Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are returning to television! And this time, most of their extended family is coming with them.

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Watch: "Relatively Nat & Liv" Stars Share Their Family Tree

Instagram personalities Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are larger than life on social media. But in the midst of all their glamorous adventures, the cousins, BFFs, business partners and former WAGS co-stars still make time for the important stuff. They get brunch with their moms, poke fun at their siblings and generally spend a ton of time hanging out with family (WAGS fans might remember Liv's sister Sophia Pierson from the show's second season).

So it seems totally appropriate that Nat, Liv and Sophia will make their return to TV alongside the rest of the Pierson-Halcro family unit when E!'s new series Relatively Nat & Liv premieres this summer. The family-style reality show will chronicle the lives of its titular pair—from party-planning shenanigans to themed photo shoots with the relatives—as well as those of their equally funny, highly endearing parents, sisters and brothers.

Read all about the Relatively Nat & Liv cast below.

New Series "Relatively Nat & Liv" Comes to E! on June 2
Natalie Halcro

One-half of the new series' titular pair, E! audiences might recognize Nat from her several-season stint on WAGS L.A. The Canadian-bred social media star and model gleaned more than a million Instagram followers within a year of downloading the app. Now, her follower count is 3.7 million and counting. Alongside her cousin Liv, the seasoned fashionista recently launched a clothing collaboration (appropriately titled "NatXLiv") with a brand called Comino Couture. The ladies are also working together to craft their very own fashion line, so keep an eye out for what's to come!

Olivia Pierson

With an eye for logistics and down-to-earth personality to boot, Liv is the "rock" of the Halcro-Pierson family. Not only is she Nat's cousin, business partner and fellow IG personality, she's also her current and former reality show co-star. (Liv appeared alongside Nat on WAGS L.A.) Even sweeter: they're best friends! 

Joel Halcro

Much like the rest of the Halcro-Pierson clan, Nat's brother Joel has quite the vibrant social media presence and describes himself as the "smartest person in the family." And per Nat's photo credits, he's also responsible for taking a bunch of the artistic snapshots that show up on his little sister's Instagram.  

Owen Pierson

The oldest of Liv's siblings, Owen actually made his first reality TV appearance back in 2015 during a WAGS episode that followed the Piersons to Mexico for a family vacation. Nowadays, he manages a float mediation spa in Vancouver and works as a photographer for the family business—when he's not tending to his increasingly popular Instagram account, that is.

Stephanie Halcro

Nat's sister Stephanie is the eldest of the Halcro-Pierson cousins and an impressive social media influencer too, largely thanks to her 98k Instagram followers and free-spirited vibe. She eats organic, makes her own deodorant and keeps her phone on airplane mode to limit her and new baby Kingston's exposure to possible radiation frequencies. 

Sophia Pierson

The baby of the Pierson family, Sophia has made quite a name for herself in the Vancouver social scene. E! audiences might remember that Sophia joined the WAGS cast alongside older sister Liv and cousin Nat during its second season in 2016. With their guidance, she's since garnered lots of attention online for her own growing social media presence. 

Brock Pierson

Liv's other older brother Brock is an IT specialist who handles technical stuff for her and Nat's online presences in his spare time. Brock has seen his share of social media fame too, but for a markedly different reason than his aesthetic-oriented family members. The second-oldest Pierson kid is a self-proclaimed "Meme Lord" on Instagram and has the followers to prove it.

Julia Pierson

Julia Pierson is Liv, Owen, Sophia and Brock's mother, and is fondly known as "The Cool Mom" to her children, nieces and nephews. (The Pierson kids have one more brother, Preston, who doesn't appear on the show.) If someone in the family needs advice, Julia's their go-to. And she's the only grown-up allowed in the cousins' group chat!

Brian Pierson

Brian is Liv's dad, a pastor, avid fisherman and motorcycle enthusiast who loves spending time with his children and really appreciates a good selfie. (Scroll through any one of his social media accounts to confirm.) 

Rhonda Halcro

Julia's sister Rhonda is Nat, Joel and Stephanie's mother. (And, to future audience's certain delight, Rhonda and Julia are every bit as close as their inseparable kin. Check out the foursome's fierce mother-daughter magic on social media.) Rhonda's husband Jim Halcro also appears on the show, but when it comes to parenting, the loving couples' three kids know who's boss. And it's mom!

Jim Halcro

A retired firefighter with a budding second career in real estate, Jim is Nat, Joel and Stephanie's dad as well as Rhonda's adoring husband—Julia set them up! Both halves of the sweet married pair will tell you sparks flew the first night they met. And after more than 40 years together, it's obvious they're still very much in love. "My beautiful wife @rhondahalcro and I," Jim wrote, captioning a heartwarming shot of the Halcro parents that doubles as his first Instagram post

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