The Wait Is Over: Listen to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's New Song ''I Don't Care''

The two have been teasing this collab for weeks.

By Alyssa Morin May 10, 2019 4:03 AMTags
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The time is finally here, music lovers!

After much anticipation and immense excitement, Ed Sheeran has released a new single featuring Justin Bieber called "I Don't Care." Contrary to the song's title, fans of the two superstars most certainly care. The dynamic duo's song is an upbeat tune that will def be your new weekend jam, and you can already listen to it here on several streaming services.

Leading up to the release, both the 25-year-old star and the "Shape of You" singer teased their collaboration on social media. At first, fans weren't sure if the two were joining forces to work on new music, but after several hints, it was obvious what they were up to.

"I have a song with this sexy beast coming out Friday. Less than 48 hours," Bieber shared on Instagram on Thursday, making it crystal clear that he was back in the music game.

Why Fans Think Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran Are Collaborating on New Music

Additionally, Sheeran also took to social media to reveal the exciting news.

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"Just two hunky men releasing a song on friday." In another Instagram snap, the 28-year-old star captioned his post, "Hope everyone enjoys the music coming out tomorrow. I'm super happy and proud of it." He added, "Please play the song loud, dance, sing, smile to it. And tell your mum."

Of the mini hints the "Baby" singer and the 28-year-old star were dropping last week, some fans actually guessed their song's title correctly.

Both Sheeran and Bieber posted a poll where they asked fans, "do you want new music?" The choices were: "Yes," "No," and Idc."

Of the poll, one user speculated, "new theory: the song that justin bieber and ed sheeran are releasing is called "idc.""

The duo's collaboration comes nearly four years after they worked on the hit single "Love Yourself." So it's easy to see why people are freaking out over their latest mash-up.

With that in mind, get your headphones out and take a listen to their new single up above!

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