Shadowhunters Series Finale Says Goodbye With Gorgeous Wedding and a Major Sacrifice

Raise your hand if you cried during the wedding of #Malec because we definitely did

By Lauren Piester May 07, 2019 3:09 AMTags

The Shadowhunters have said goodbye, and a whole lot of stuff sure did happen in that two and a half hour finale. 

The gang got both Magnus and Izzy back from Edom, Jonathan was defeated, and then Magnus and Alec got married. We absolutely 100% cried as they teamed up for some world class vows and then Magnus did magic on the way back down the aisle. Then everyone danced and laughed and hung out and it was just a really nice time that we could have watched for a full two and a half hours. 

Of course the entire thing was not necessarily a nice time. Clary ended up having to use her last rune, giving up the shadow world, to kill Jonathan by basically hugging him to death. She left the wedding reception in tears as her memories of the shadow world faded, with a letter explaining to Jace what had happened. 

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A year later, Shadowhunter Luke returned from a trip to Brazil to meet with Inquisitor Alec, they marveled at downworlders working hand in hand with Shadowhunters, and then Magnus and Alec were both putting aside work to toast each other. 

Simon and Maia hung out in her supernatural creature hangout restaurant while Simon wished Clary were there to see their finished graphic novel. He then caught up with Izzy and started kissing her, before jokingly warning her. 

"Careful. If anyone sees the head of the Institute kissing one of her downworld deputies there could be some trouble," he said, but she didn't seem worried. 

We then learned Jace had obviously been keeping an eye on Clary refusing to move on, still holding out hope that the angels would change their mind about her losing her memories. 

Then we saw Jace keeping an eye on Clary, who now has cool bangs, as she showed off her paintings at an art show, and she spotted him and even knew his name somehow. 

"I'm Clary," she said. "What are these tattoos on your neck?" 

It's gonna be OK, y'all. 

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Shadowhunters Series Finale

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