See What Happens When Becca Tobin Gets Her Butt Read By a "Rumpologist" on LADYGANG

Ever met a psychic who reads rumps? The ladies have now.

By Emily Mae Czachor May 02, 2019 1:00 PMTags

Keeping up with the latest alternative healing trend is no easy feat, especially in SoCal.

"In Los Angeles, there are all types of different spiritual experiences," explains a bathrobe-clad Becca Tobin in this clip from Sunday's new LADYGANG. There's a few some of us have probably heard about before, like reiki, crystal healing and "veganism." (Becca's suggestion.) Others are a little more obscure.

In the video, for example, Jac Vanek accompanies Becca to an exceedingly bizarre session with a "rumpologist"—think palm reader, but for your behind—where her friend learns that butt cheeks, like hands or tarot cards, apparently have existential connotations too.

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After instructing her client to "bend over and kind of hold onto the edge of the couch," the professional rump reader proceeds to inspect Becca's backside with a tool that looks sort of like a ballpoint pen. After a few seconds, she stops. "Right here is a very long love line," she tells her, but it's going to take more convincing than that.

"Ms. Shay did point out a love line on my ass," Becca says later. "That sort of resembles a tan line."

Find out which psychic insights the rumpologist gleans from Becca's butt crack and "skin texture"—no joke—in the clip above!

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