How Does Gotham Stack Up Against Other Series Finales?

The Fox drama said goodbye on Thursday by finally introducing the caped crusader.

By Lauren Piester Apr 26, 2019 7:22 PMTags

Batman has arrived, and that means Gotham has said goodbye

The Fox drama ended on Thursday, having completed all of the origin stories it was telling about the Batman universe. It jumped ahead 10 years after Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) left Gotham. And while we never caught a glimpse of Bruce and only caught the briefest glimpse of Batman himself, now that the Penguin's got his monocle, Selina Kyle is all grown up, the Joker's all Jokered up, and Bruce is back in town, we all know what's about to happen next. 

After the episode, we asked you to tell us whether you loved the finale or hated it, and now the results are in: You mostly loved it! About 69% of you were totally into it, but at this point, that's not the question we're here to answer. 

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The real question is where does the Gotham trailer fit among TV's other series finales, based on your votes in other love it or hate it polls? 

Those results can be found below, from the worst finale to the best finale of all time (both of which may or may not surprise you).  



Loved It: 30.9 percent
Loathed It: 69.1 percent

No. 46 (SECOND WORST OF ALL TIME): The Good Wife

Loved It: 31.3 percent
Loathed It: 68.7 percent


Loved It: 33.42 percent
Loathed It: 66.88 percent

No. 44: Big Love

Loved It: 34.01 percent
Loathed It: 65.99 percent

No. 43: How I Met Your Mother

Loved It: 36.87 percent
Loathed It: 63.13 percent

No. 42: Seinfeld

Loved It: 42.63 percent
Loathed It: 57.37 percent

No. 41: Weeds

Loved It: 43.49 percent
Loathed It: 56.61 percent

No. 40: Lost

Loved It: 46.13%
Loathed It: 53.87%

No. 39: The Shield

Loved It: 46.49 percent
Loathed It: 53.51 percent

No. 38: 24

Loved It: 51.02 percent
Loathed It: 48.98 percent

No. 37: Angel

Loved It: 51.09 percent
Loathed It: 48.91 percent

No. 36: The Sopranos

Loved It: 51.27 percent
Loathed It: 48.73 percent

No. 35: Private Practice

Loved It: 51.80 percent
Loathed It: 48.20 percent

No. 34: True Blood

Loved It: 23.8 percent
Loathed It: 24.5 percent
Thought it was just OK: 51.8 percent

No. 33: The O.C.

Loved It: 52.08 percent
Loathed It: 47.92 percent

No. 32: Desperate Housewives

Loved It: 53.11 percent
Loathed It: 46.89 percent

No. 31: The Wire

Loved It: 53.60 percent
Loathed It: 46.40 percent

No. 30: Scandal

Loved It: 54.1 percent
Loathed It: 45.9 percent

No. 29: Gossip Girl

Loved It: 54.16 percent
Loathed It: 45.84 percent

No. 28: Two and a Half Men

Loved It: 55 percent
Loathed It: 45 percent

No. 27: Pretty Little Liars

Loved It: 55.3 percent

Loathed It: 44.7 percent

No. 26: One Tree Hill

Loved It: 59.62 percent
Loathed It: 40.38 percent

No. 25: House

Loved It: 60.41 percent
Loathed It: 39.59 percent

24: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Loved It: 63.14 percent
Hated It: 36.86 percent

No. 23: Mad Men

Loved It: 63.6 percent
Loathed It: 36.4 percent

No. 22: Alias

Loved It: 63.82 percent
Loathed It: 36.18 percent

No. 21: Six Feet Under

Loved It: 64.28 percent
Loathed It: 35.72 percent

No. 20: 30 Rock

Loved It: 64.59 percent
Loathed It: 35.41 percent

No. 19: Fringe

Loved It: 65.38 percent
Loathed It: 34.62 percent

18. Shadowhunters

Loved It: 66.06%

Loathed It: 33.94%

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Gotham aired on Fox. 

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