Netflix Is Showing Viewers Love and Life Behind Bars With Jailbirds

The new series follows inmates as the live and love while incarcerated

By Chris Harnick Apr 26, 2019 3:34 PMTags

Netflix is taking you back to jail, but this isn't Litchfield. Move over, Orange Is the New Black, and get ready for Jailbirds.

Hailing from 44 Blue Productions, the same production company as everybody's favorite guilty pleasure Lock Up, Jailbirds goes inside the Sacramento County Jail with its more than 2,400 male and female inmates. Ten percent of them are women. And in the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power—and one another—while trying to make the best out of life. Sometimes that involves finding love…behind the bars.

"It's in human nature for inmates here to break rules. We can't catch everything," a corrections officer says in the trailer below.

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The trailer features some of the inmates viewers will get to know, they're locked up on charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon, murder and robbery and home invasion. It's a new look at life behind bars, including how contraband is passed through toilets, how people communicate through toilets (yes, you read that right), and how the imprisoned find love despite the regulations of the jail.

"These people are different in here, these is like wild baboons," an inmate says in the trailer.

It's not all fun and games, there's very real threats in jail and cameras capture it all.

"We might be locked up physically, but mentally and emotionally, I'm rolling," an inmate says.

Jailbirds premieres May 10 on Netflix.

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