Game of Thrones Prepares for Death With Hook Ups, Truth-Telling, and More Reunions

All the most important moments from season 8, episode 2 of the HBO drama

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If this entire final season of Game of Thrones is just a whole bunch of random "long time coming" moments, we honestly wouldn't be mad. 

Where the premiere was all tense reunions, the second episode was filled with important conversations and casual hangouts and little things that made us, in our weaker moments, flail just a little bit. Even Lyanna Mormont wishing her cousin, Jorah Mormont, good luck was sweet and lovely, but we were absolutely losing it over some bigger developments. Arya and Gendry finally hooked up! Jaime knighted Brienne! Missandei and Greyworm made plans for the future!

Unfortunately, many of these beautiful little moments came as everyone was just sitting around waiting for their death in the approaching battle against the army of the dead, and it sort of feels like the more beautiful the moment, the more likely the death is coming. 

And then, the thing that had us going "oh s--t" as we realized what was happening: Jon told Dany the truth. Oh boy. 

Let's discuss the bigger moments, shall we?

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The Trial of Jaime Lannister

We saw Jaime arrive at Winterfell (and catch Bran's creepy eye) last week, and tonight we saw him face a whole bunch of people he had wronged, including a queen, a lady, and a warden. He wanted to fight for survival after Cersei had lied to him (and to everyone), but Dany and Sansa were ready to send him packing (or to his death). Then Brienne stepped in to reveal everything he'd done for her, and the fact that he was responsible for Sansa still being alive, which Sansa seemed to appreciate. 

She changed her mind, and after Jon said they needed every man they could get, Dany agreed. 

But even more fun than that was Jaime apologizing to Bran! All these years later! 

The last time they saw each other, of course, was that time at the end of the pilot when Jaime pushed Bran out a window after Bran witnessed Jaime and Cersei hooking up. But Bran wasn't mad that Jaime pushed him out a window, because without that accident, he'd still be Bran Stark, and not the creepiest dude in Westeros (also known as the Three Eyed Raven). 

Jaime also had a moment with his brother Tyrion, who assured him that Dany is the true queen, and that Jaime was never fooled by Cersei.

"You always knew exactly what she was, and you loved her anyway." 

Then they lamented the fact that they'll both die at Winterfell, which is not exactly the grand death they had had in mind. 


Jaime and Brienne also reunited after she defended him, and she was shocked to find him not insulting her. 

Later, Brienne, Podrick, Tormund, and Davos joined Jaime and Tyrion for a friendly drink and an insane story from Tormund about how a giant breastfed him for three months when he was 10, reminiscing about all the times they had all fought the Starks, and now they're all defending them. Tormund discovered that Brienne wasn't a knight and was all "f--k tradition," so Jaime was all "a knight can knight another knight," and told Brienne to kneel. 

And did we cry a little? Honestly yes. A tear escaped our eye as Brienne of Tarth kneeled and was knighted by Jaime Lannister. Then Podrick sang a song, and oh boy, everybody's gonna die. 

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Arya and Gendry 

Arya kept bugging Gendry about that weapon she asked him to make, but it turned out that wasn't really what she was after. After realizing she was about to spend her last moments hanging out with the Hound, she instead ended up telling Gendry that if she was about to die, she wanted to know what sex was like first. Gendry was cool with this, and so they hooked up, after this line: 

"I'm not the Red Woman. Take your own bloody pants off." 

Yesssss, Arya! Get some! Except people tend to die after hook ups on TV... 


Sansa and Daenerys 

After Sansa changed her mind about Jaime, Dany had some questions, and we finally got to watch these two women sit down in a room together and hash some things out. Sansa believed Jon was acting like an idiot because Dany was manipulating him, but Dany countered that it was she who was manipulated by Jon, because she gave up her quest for the Iron Throne to go help Jon with his zombie war. 

They seemed to be coming to an understanding, before they were interrupted by the return of Theon, which Sansa was extra excited about (since, you know, they escaped the torturous rapist Ramsay Bolton together). 

Missandei and Greyworm 

Greyworm asked Missandei where she wanted to grow old and what she wanted to do with her life when the war is over and it was so beautiful that now we're about 1000% sure one or both of these two will die and they will never see the beaches again! 



Dany Learns the Truth 

Jon showed Dany the crypts and the statue of Lyanna Stark. He explained that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married and had a son, and that he was that son, and Dany immediately realized he could steal the throne from her. Neither acknowledged that this means they've each been sleeping with their relative. 

Unfortunately for somebody (not sure who yet), Daenerys did not have much time to react to the news, because the zombies had come, and the war was about to begin. But that's for next week! When everybody's going to die! 

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. 

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