Anna Faris Has the Best Response to a House Bunny Sequel

See what the actress said about a possible follow-up film

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Will there ever be a sequel to The House Bunny?

It's been over 10 years since the hilarious and beloved film, starring Anna Faris, Emma StoneKatharine McPhee, Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings and Rumer Willis, hit theaters. That's right, The House Bunny premiered on Aug. 22, 2008, which means it will celebrate its 11th anniversary this summer. Over the years, as the movie has continued to gain popularity, fans have been hoping for a follow-up film with the star-studded cast.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night, Faris was asked by a caller if there could ever be a sequel or if there were ever talks about doing one, considering the film is "just as popular as it was 10 years ago."

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"Yes Heather," Faris replied in her signature deep House Bunny voice, which her character Shelley used to remember names in the film. "Thank you for asking that, I love that that movie's very dear to my heart."

"You know, there's a lot of love in that movie," the actress continued. "I love it that people still appreciate it, and I have a fantasy of bringing Shelley back as a country singer."

Take a look at the videos above to see Faris dish on House Bunny and see her reaction to Scary Movie 5!

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