See Colton Underwood Reenact His Iconic Bachelor Fence Jump on Busy Tonight

Plus, hear Chris Harrison give Brittany Snow some advice about how to become Chris Harrison.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 18, 2019 3:23 PMTags

It's a Bachelor reunion on Busy Tonight!

Colton Underwood makes a surprise appearance in this clip from Wednesday's Busy Tonight, which sees the lovable former bachelor reliving some of last season's most memorable moments. His unexpected cameo is sort of a gift from host Busy Philipps to Brittany Snow, who appears in the segment alongside her Someone Great costar DeWanda Wise.

Busy's in the business of making people's wildest dreams come true—their "tweet dreams" to be exact—and she makes good on her wish-granting reputation once more with Brittany. Back in 2013, the actor tweeted, "In my next life. I'm coming back as Chris Harrison. #ThisIstheFinalRose #YesChrisWeAreAware #TheMan." And while there's no reincarnation involved in her transition from spunky Hollywood celeb to face of Bachelor Nation, she does get her turn in the host's spot after a little coaching from The Man himself.

"Hey Brittany! It's Chris Harrison from the Bachelor and Bachelorette," he tells her via a TV monitor nearby. So, Brittany wants his job in the next lifetime, huh? The dating series' real-life host goes on to give Busy's guest some advice about how to actually go about doing that.

"Let me give you a few tips: First of all, gotta talk with your hands. If you're not using your hands, you're not saying anything at all," Chris begins. "Second, always, always have a hot tub or helicopter within a thousand feet. And last, but certainly not least, always wear comfortable shoes because you never know when someone's gonna jump over a fence and make a break for it."

Brittany must have been taking notes because minute later, she's back on the Busy Tonight stage donning a classic Chris Harrison-esque suit jacket and a pair of comfy sneakers—just in case. (Busy has provided an inflatable hot tub as well, for good measure.) All she needs now is a bachelor. And luckily, she gets one!

"You guys looking for a bachelor?!" Colton pops in. And even though Brittany proceeds to deliver a seriously convincing pre-rose ceremony pep talk as Bachelor host, he's not really feeling the competitive dating vibe so much these days.

"You know, I ended my season and I'm very happy with Cassie, so I don't think I need a final rose," he replies. "So, I think I'm just gonna get out of here."

And with that, the athletically inclined reality star turns his back to the audience before emphatically leaping over a makeshift white picket fence situated toward the back of the stage.

"You guys, he jumped the fence!" Busy gasps.

See Colton recreate his infamous Bachelor fence jump—and hear Chris Harrison's hilarious "tips" for yourself—in the clips above!

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