From Pratt Family Feuds to That "Sick Little Rumor": Revisiting All of The Hills' Most Dramatic Moments

Break out your crystals!

By Billy Nilles Apr 14, 2019 10:00 AMTags
Watch: "The Hills" Reboot Has Already Started Filming

The Hills are alive...with the sound of drama.

We're just two months out from the highly-anticipated debut of The Hills: New Beginnings, with the revival of MTV's crown jewel beginning on June 24, and already, we're getting a taste of things to come.

Last week, Spencer Pratt and his sister Stephanie Pratt revived their bitter feud, a centerpiece of the later seasons of The Hills, when the latter put her sister-in-law Heidi Montag on blast during an episode of iHeart Radio's Pratt Cast last week.

"No one knows the real Heidi," Stephanie shared. "Before The Hills: New Beginnings, my mom, my brother and I all sat down and we said we will not let this ruin our family again. I'm done. I don't care. I'm not protecting them anymore."

She continued, explaining that she had no intention of pretending her brother and sister-in-law were "good people" anymore. "For the [expletive] they have done to me recently, I'm done. This is why I moved to London. I'm done," she shared. "They are the most toxic people I've ever met. They are Bonnie and Clyde till they die so if they say this sky is black, all of us are morons for saying it's blue."

Everything We Know About The Hills: New Beginnings

When asked by her co-host Wells Adams if this was an attempt to drum up publicity for the show, Stephanie assured listeners it was not. "This is me actually exiting my family. I've tried to be nice to her for 10 years because I love my brother," she said. "It never changes. They flip the switch on me and I have no idea…None of it makes sense."

Responding to Stephanie's claims on their own podcast, Heidi said the feud was "heartbreaking," but that there was "no way I'm not standing up for myself and my family." 

"Heidi's not playing," Spencer added.

In other words? Game on.

Truly, this is some vintage The Hills drama right here, and it has us hopeful that New Beginnings just might have some juice in it after all. We were a bit worried when the central figure from the show's original run, the newly-pregnant Lauren Conrad, opted to sit this reunion out, choosing to focus on her business and her growing family. (Similarly, current E! star Kristin Cavallari and Lauren's sidekick Lo Bosworth have chosen not to return as well.) What's The Hills without Lauren or Kristin? We're about to find out.


Before we watch as Heidi, Spencer and Stephanie are joined by fellow familiar faces Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Jason Wahler, Brody Jenner, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, and Frankie Delgado, as well as newcomers Brandon Thomas Lee and Mischa Barton (because why not?), let's take a look back at the 10 most dramatic moments from The Hills OG. Do any of these unforgettable storylines stand a chance of being revisited in New Beginnings? We'll fill you in on the chances below!

The Girl Who Didn't Go

Who will ever forget when, in the season one finale, Lauren turned down the opportunity to spend the summer interning for Teen Vogue in Paris to stick around L.A. with newly-rekindled flame Jason, letting Whitney take her place? Not us, and probably not Lauren, if we're being honest.

Audrina + Justin Bobby

What was worse: When Audrina caught Justin Bobby, the homeboy who wore combat boots to the beach, macking on another woman, or when she still allowed herself to be convinced to return home with him that night anyway? 

The Bunney Betrayal

Oh, Jen Bunney. You did your one-time BFF so dirty. In season two, Lauren's oldest friend popped up to rub elbows with her new crew in L.A. and, on the night of her 21st birthday—after LC gave her a diamond bracelet for the occasion, no less—she successfully made a move on Brody, to the delight of Heidi and Spencer, who'd encouraged it. And that meant, that in one fell swoop, Lauren was betrayed by her oldest friend, her new BFF, and the guy she was seeing. Ouch.

The Sick Little Rumor

When season three kicked off, Lauren and Heidi's friendship—which has been on life support up to that point—was officially declared dead at Frankie's birthday party when LC let her old pal have it over the sex tape rumor that Spencer had helped spread. (A rumor that Lauren vociferously denied.) And while it was sad, it gave us this iconic moment. Say it with us now: "You know what you did!"

Pratt Family Unpleasantness

The Hills was full of toxic relationships, but none more depressing than the one between siblings Spencer and Stephanie. When his sister arrived on the scene in season four and befriended his foe Lauren, Spencer never missed an opportunity to rip poor Stephanie to shreds. From telling her he doesn't want to be friends with her to calling her a "crazy bitch" as she cries at a party, it was never not uncomfortable when the two happened to be in the same space.

Forgive and Forget

There was nothing more brutal than this moment between Lauren and Heidi, their first interaction after the "You know what you did" in the season three premiere, when the former made it clear that she truly wanted nothing to do with the latter any longer. "I want to forgive you and I want to forget you," Lauren told her old pal. Ouch.

The Single Tear

When Audrina and Laguna Beach alum Lo Bosworth both moved in with Lauren, it became a tug-of-war for who would get more attention from the star. As Audrina learned the hard way, it can be tough to come between history and she and Lauren grew further and further apart. And their season four convo about their falling out yielded one of The Hills' most iconic moments: the slo-mo single tear. (TBH, it probably didn't help matters when she accused LC of hooking up with Justin Bobby as her friend stared at her, repulsed by the thought.)

Heidi and Her Mom

When the drama on The Hills went from friendship squabbles and romance woes to family friction, things always got uncomfortable. (See the Pratt Family Unpleasantness above.) So when Heidi unveiled the results of her plastic surgery to her family in the season six premiere, and her mom wasn't especially thrilled with the massive changes her daughter made to her face, it was truly heartbreaking. 

Kristin's Arrival

From her first moment on the scene, showing up at Heidi and Spencer's wedding in season five in a shade of blue nearly identical to Lauren's, to her first official episode, the arrival of Kristin—there to replace an outgoing LC—was truly wild. In her first episode, she made a beeline for Justin Bobby, starting a war with Audrina and Stephanie and leaving her shouting, "It's gonna be like this? Is it gonna be like this? 'Cause if it's gonna be like this, it's f--king on, bitch!" Alrighty, then!

The Crystals

Spencer truly seemed to go off the deep end a bit towards the end there, and that was no more evident than in his intense obsession with crystals. Dramatic? Maybe not. Hilarious and unforgettable? You betcha.

And the rest is still unwritten...

The Hills: New Beginnings debuts on Monday, June 24 on MTV.

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