Anna Wintour Recalls Last Lunch With Princess Diana Before Her Death

The Vogue Editor-in-Chief saw the late princess just six weeks before she died.

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 12, 2019 5:20 PMTags
Anna Wintour, Princess DianaMike Theiler/Reuters

For Anna Wintour, her last lunch with Princess Diana was an unforgettable—and fashionable—one. 

As the Vogue Editor-in-Chief recalled during a sit-down interview with Tina Brown at her Women in the World Summit, the two media figures had sat down for lunch with the late Princess of Wales just six weeks before her untimely death in August 1997.

The three met at the Four Seasons, where Diana, according to the women, donned a mint green Chanel suit for the occasion. "She looked incredible first of all. That was the most important thing and she looked fantastic," the Vogue icon described. "I heard that she spent a lot of time deciding what to wear to that particular lunch."

A Look Back at Princess Diana's Style

Brown noted how much the royal had spoken about loneliness and "how terribly lonely she seemed," but also "how lovingly she spoke about her boys," referencing of course Prince William and Prince Harry

For Wintour, what stuck out was Diana discussing how the royal family was not comfortable dealing with the media. 

"I think that the part of her popularity was that Princess Diana really was so good with the media and was so in tune with them and welcomed them rather than standing back," Wintour said. "In a way, she was certainly the first person in the royal family to understand the benefits of that."

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As the magazine mogul noted, that's no longer the case, one of many changes for the royal family. Elsewhere in the conversation, Wintour also noted how Diana's famed daughter-in-law, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, is "really bringing modernity to the royal family in a way that is inspiring."

"I think the image that I have in my mind that I think so many people all over the world have in their mind of the Duchess of Sussex walking down the aisle by herself," she said. "That to me was representative of a modern woman."

The journalist continued, "And then looking at her extraordinarily beautiful and proud mother in the pew, to me, that symbolized, 'Goodness, this is going to be a different day for the British royal family.'"

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