Kit Harington's April Fools' Prank on Rose Leslie Totally Backfired

The Game of Thrones star previously put a prop from the show in the fridge to scare her, but went with a different approach this year

By Chris Harnick Apr 09, 2019 1:00 PMTags

Forget King in the North, Kit Harington is King of April Fools' Day. Sort of.

The Game of Thrones star stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers where he revealed his latest prank on wife and former GoT costar Rose Leslie. Harington previously put a prop of his severed head in the fridge and filmed Leslie finding it. As far as pranks go, that's pretty up there. However, this year he scaled back, and it cost him.

"See, I started strong. The amount of props at my disposal diminished," he said. But while in New York for this April Fools' Day, he decided to go a different route. "I'm aware this is the most first-world April Fools' before I tell this story. I didn't know what to do."

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"It seems Leslie is very particular about her almond milk, she will only drink one brand. "So I just wrote an article about how this company that makes her favorite almond milk was going under because of Brexit. Now this backfired, ‘cause she immediately rang my PA and got her to bulk-order this almond milk with my credit card, so I ended up spending 150 quid on almond milk," Harington revealed.

"It turns out the only thing more terrifying than seeing your severed head in a refrigerator is seeing cartons upon cartons of almond milk," host Seth Meyers joked.

Watch the full interview above.

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