What Are TV's Best and Worst Series Finales? See Where Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ranks

We asked, you voted—find out which series enders you loved the most

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Endings are…hard. For real people and for TV shows. Not every show can deliver a breathtaking series finale, one that will be talked about for years, one that will be held up as the gold standard. However, most give it the old college try.

Within a few weeks, fan-favorites Broad City and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wrapped up celebrated runs. Broad City did five seasons, Crazy Ex did four. Their finales were both emotional installments with main characters making drastic life changes along the way.

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So, how did fans like the goodbyes to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), and Broad City's Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer)? See where the finales ranked among TV's best and worst series finales below.


Loved It: 30.9 percent
Loathed It: 69.1 percent

No. 46 (SECOND WORST OF ALL TIME): The Good Wife

Loved It: 31.3 percent
Loathed It: 68.7 percent


Loved It: 33.42 percent
Loathed It: 66.88 percent

No. 44: Big Love

Loved It: 34.01 percent
Loathed It: 65.99 percent

No. 43: How I Met Your Mother

Loved It: 36.87 percent
Loathed It: 63.13 percent

No. 42: Seinfeld

Loved It: 42.63 percent
Loathed It: 57.37 percent

No. 41: Weeds

Loved It: 43.49 percent
Loathed It: 56.61 percent

No. 40: Lost

Loved It: 46.13%
Loathed It: 53.87%

No. 39: The Shield

Loved It: 46.49 percent
Loathed It: 53.51 percent

No. 38: 24

Loved It: 51.02 percent
Loathed It: 48.98 percent

No. 37: Angel

Loved It: 51.09 percent
Loathed It: 48.91 percent

No. 36: The Sopranos

Loved It: 51.27 percent
Loathed It: 48.73 percent

No. 35: Private Practice

Loved It: 51.80 percent
Loathed It: 48.20 percent

No. 34: True Blood

Loved It: 23.8 percent
Loathed It: 24.5 percent
Thought it was just OK: 51.8 percent

No. 33: The O.C.

Loved It: 52.08 percent
Loathed It: 47.92 percent

No. 32: Desperate Housewives

Loved It: 53.11 percent
Loathed It: 46.89 percent

No. 31: The Wire

Loved It: 53.60 percent
Loathed It: 46.40 percent

No. 30: Scandal

Loved It: 54.1 percent
Loathed It: 45.9 percent

No. 29: Gossip Girl

Loved It: 54.16 percent
Loathed It: 45.84 percent

No. 28: Two and a Half Men

Loved It: 55 percent
Loathed It: 45 percent

No. 27: Pretty Little Liars

Loved It: 55.3 percent

Loathed It: 44.7 percent

No. 26: One Tree Hill

Loved It: 59.62 percent
Loathed It: 40.38 percent

No. 25: House

Loved It: 60.41 percent
Loathed It: 39.59 percent

24: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Loved It: 63.14 percent
Hated It: 36.86 percent

No. 23: Mad Men

Loved It: 63.6 percent
Loathed It: 36.4 percent

No. 22: Alias

Loved It: 63.82 percent
Loathed It: 36.18 percent

No. 21: Six Feet Under

Loved It: 64.28 percent
Loathed It: 35.72 percent

No. 20: 30 Rock

Loved It: 64.59 percent
Loathed It: 35.41 percent

No. 19: Fringe

Loved It: 65.38 percent
Loathed It: 34.62 percent

18. Shadowhunters

Loved It: 66.06%

Loathed It: 33.94%

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