Why Elisabeth Moss Now Keeps Her Love Life Private

The Handmaid's Tale actress made her comments in a Marie Claire May 2019 cover interview.

By Corinne Heller Apr 05, 2019 4:40 PMTags
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Elisabeth Moss is not single, but she's also not going to tell you who she's dating.

The 36-year-old Emmy-winning Handmaid's Tale actress revealed to Marie Claire in a May 2019 cover interview that she has a boyfriend.

"I learned you just don't talk about it," she added. "Who really gives a s--t whether or not I'm dating anyone? I hate to put that importance on it. I cringe a little."

The actress noted that she likes attending Toronto Raptors basketball and Toronto Maple Leafs hockey games in Canada, where The Handmaid's Tale is filmed.

"I go with a special someone who also likes the Raptors and the Leafs," she said. "He shall remain nameless." 

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Moss was previously married to SNL star Fred Armisen. They split after eight months of marriage and divorced in 2011. They have no children.

Moss told Marie Claire she is certain about wanting kids one day.

Spoiler alert! On the dystopian Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, her character has a young daughter, who was snatched away from her to be raised by another family, and on the most recent second season, she gave birth to another daughter, who she gave up willingly.

"I'd like to have that experience of loving something more than you could ever possibly love anything other than yourself," she told Marie Claire. "Of course you think about it when you're 36. You're like, How much time do I have?"

Meanwhile, the magazine said, she is raising two cats, Lucy and Ethel, in her home in Manhattan.

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