Netflix's The Society Puts Teens at the Center of a Dangerous Mystery

What could go wrong for these wealthy kids when all their parents disappear?

By Chris Harnick Apr 04, 2019 3:27 PMTags
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What would happen if a group of teenagers found themselves in their wealthy New England town without any adults? The Society, Netflix's new drama, would happen.

In the new series, teenagers are mysteriously transported to a version of their hometown, no parents in sight. At first their newfound freedom is fun…and then it turns dangerous. The teens struggle to figure out what happened to them, how they can get home and how to live in a world without order. Can they establish stability in this new world? Alliances will be necessary if they want to survive.

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The trailer above features a glimpse at what's in store for Cassandra, Allie, Harry and the rest of the teens at the center of The Society. It's not pretty.

"Mom? It's me again. Where is everyone? It's been nine days. We're all alone. Some of us thought it would be fun to be in charge of ourselves. But things got bad. If you hear this, please come find us," Allie says in the trailer as images of chaos, parties and violence flash.

The series premieres May 10 with 10 one-hour episodes. Chris Keyser is the showrunner and executive producer. Marc Webb is also on board as executive producer.

The Society stars Rachel Keller as Cassandra, Kathryn Newton as Allie, Alex Fitzalan as Harry, Kristine Froseth as Kelly, Jacques Colimon as Will, Sean Berdy as Sam, Toby Wallace as Campbell, Gideon Adlon as Becca, Olivia DeJonge as Elle, Alex MacNicoll as Luke, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena, Jose Julian as Gordie, Salena Qureshi as Bean, Jack Mulhern as Grizz, and Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie.

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