The Challenge: War of the World Sneak Peek: Is Paulie's Relationship With Cara Maria Hurting the Game?

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek at the drama set to unfold on MTV's hit reality show

By Chris Harnick Apr 03, 2019 3:00 PMTags
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds is a hotbed for drama, both on the playing field and off—way off. Take Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore's relationship, which is one full display…despite the blankets they've put up to hide from cameras.

"That's my ex having sex," Kyle Christie says in the sneak peek below.

Yep, it seems the private moment between Cara Maria and Paulie aren't that private.

"It's very difficult to be in the house with Cara, especially when she's with a new boyfriend. Sometimes I just get the feeling that their love is just to rub my face in it," he says in a confessional.

Kyle's not the only one with opinions on the pairing.

Meet the Cast of The Challenge: War of the Worlds

"I'm sorry that you all are going to have to suffer through it," Wes Bergmann says in a confessional to the viewers.

Is their relationship impacting how well they tackle The Challenge's various, um, challenges?

"I feel like me and Paulie are like the one team where I haven't, like, bonded with him," Natalie Duran says about her partner. "I love Cara, but I feel like they're attached at their f—king groins and this gets in the way from my own team building."

In a confessional, Natalie says she believes their team dynamic would be completely different if her was single. "Right now, I'm a lone wolf in my own team and I don't know if that's a good thing."

The episode also features Hunter Barfield asking for help repairing his relationship with Georgia Harrison, a "Road Warrior" challenge and a game-changing twist.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs Wednesdays, 9 p.m. on MTV.

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