Scheana Shay Revisits Her Grandma's 15-Year-Old Dating Advice With Help From Tyler Henry

Hoping to connect with her late grandmother, the Vanderpump Rules veteran brings an item to her reading that ends up evoking some poignant memories.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 03, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Scheana Shay Hopes to Connect With a Certain Someone

Scheana Shay's late grandmother has some opinions about the state of her granddaughter's love life. And just like she wasn't afraid to share them while she was still alive, grandma Maxine is continuing to offer relationship commentary from beyond the grave in this clip from Thursday's new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"There's something funny about grandma being able to see that a man wasn't good for a woman and verbalizing it. And then at the end, the relationship didn't end up working out and she was like, 'Told ya so!' But in a loving way," explains Tyler Henry after sitting down with the Vanderpump Rules star at her home in Marina Del Rey.

As the clairvoyant is relaying Maxine's message, it's clear his words mean something special to Scheana. 

"Literally, that note," she tells him, wide-eyed, pointing to a hand-written letter she'd brought to their reading as memorabilia. "That's so crazy."

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The reality TV personality's mother Erika, who's watching the pair's outdoor session from another room in her daughter's waterfront home, is also obviously moved by Tyler's reading. "Scheana had moved in with my mom after my dad had passed," she says, adding that Scheana's grandmother would "write her notes" carrying thoughtful messages and pieces of advice.

Tyler's guest explains that this particular note—which includes sweet adages about how "love is kind, patient and considerate" rather than envious—was in fact her grandma's way of advising her to steer clear of a high school boyfriend.

And even though it's been a while since she looked at them last, "Reading these notes again 15 years later, I'm like, 'Wow. I can apply those things in my life now,'" says Scheana with tears in her eyes.

Watch the emotional moment when Scheana rereads one of her grandma's old letters in the clip above!

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