Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards Aren't Alone: Ranking the Real Housewives' Saddest BFF Breakups

There's nothing quite like watching a friendship fall apart right before your very eyes.

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It finally happened.

The moment Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have been waiting for/dreading since the season nine premiere finally arrived, bringing with it the sudden dissolution of the once air-tight alliance between OGs Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards

Tight since day one, these two have seen their friendship tested over the years—Brandi Glanville, anyone?—but it's always seemed as though there was nothing they couldn't eventually work their way back from, someway, somehow. Until now. And all over a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

Of course, it wasn't really about the (second) dog Dorit Kemsley adopted from Vanderpump Dogs and later got rid of. No, it was more about LVP's alleged plan to make her supposed friend Dorit pay for her perceived sin, a leaked story to RadarOnline with details that only few knew, and the fact that everyone in the cast seems fed up with what they perceive to be a pattern of manipulative behavior from the Vanderpump Rules matriarch.

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In the past, Kyle would usually defend her friend against such allegations. Or, at the very least, not join in the growing chorus throwing them LVP's way. But not this time. Tired of having to answer for someone else's (alleged) crimes—a position she's found herself in time and time again over the years thanks to not only LVP but her sister Kim Richards—Kyle told Lisa as much during their final conversation (ever?) at Villa Rosa. And it got her thrown out by a remarkably angry Lisa and her husband Ken Todd.

Kyle's said that the intense fight was the last time she and LVP have spoken. Lisa's not even sure she'll show up to the reunion taping. And at the opening of her newest endeavor, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, this last weekend, the only RHOBH co-star on hand to support the restaurateur was Camille Grammer

It's heartbreaking, especially when you think back to just weeks ago when the former besties were leaving that hilarious dinner with a slightly inebriated Denise Richards, arm-in-arm as they laughed hysterically at the way their newest co-star couldn't stop bringing up her beau Aaron's apparently impressive manhood. It's bound to change the fabric of the show for good, especially if LVP opts to walk away over it. And yet, it's a road Real Housewives fans have traveled down many times over the years. 

The Real Housewives BFF breakup is a bitter pill to swallow, for fans and stars alike. Here's how they all stack up.

9. Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes, RHOA

These two besties, who've been tight ever since Cynthia joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in season three, have had a few skirmishes here and there over the years—remember when NeNe called Cynthia's then-husband Peter Thomas a bitch and criticized her parenting of daughter Noelle?—but nothing the couldn't come back from. However, the fight in the season eleven finale—over former cast member Kenya Moore, of all people—and its clear spillover into the upcoming reunion special feels a bit like scorched earth territory for the two.

8. Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, RHOBH

When Brandi joined RHOBH in season two, it was as though she'd walked into a "no new friends" pact. Very few people were friendly and a few were downright hostile, but slowly a friendship blossomed between the spitfire and LVP. By season three, Brandi was even willing to sit down with the SUR employee who had slept with her ex-husband, aka Scheana Shay, to help LVP's then-fledgling spinoff Vanderpump Rules. And she did it again—twice—in season four. But when she began to feel used by LVP, she dropped a bomb in Kyle's lap during a trip to Puerto Rico, letting her know that LVP had suggested she pack magazines with articles alleging Kyle's husband was cheating on her during a prior trip to Palm Springs with the express intention of having the rumors discussed on camera. LVP fled the trip, Ken told Brandi he would never welcome her back into his life, and that was the end of that. (Sound familiar?)

7. Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, RHOA

Ah, Frick and Frack. As Phaedra's relationship with Kandi was cooling off, her friendship with fellow single lady Porsha was taking off. And they delivered some of the show's best laughs for that short time. Who wasn't living for the queens of Thotlandia during season seven's trip to Puerto Rico? But the problem with being collateral damage in someone else's war is that you learn who that someone really is. And when Porsha finally fully realized on that season nine reunion couch that Phaedra had used her to take down Kandi by filling her head with an ugly lie that she knew Porsha would repeat, it was brutal to watch. Was Porsha an innocent victim? No. But was she a victim nonetheless? Yes. And her friendship with Phaedra was dunzo.

6. Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita, RHONJ

How to make sense of this falling out? Tensions arose between Real Housewives of New Jersey besties Teresa and Jacqueline when rumors of the former's financial and legal troubles began swirling and the latter just wanted to make sure everything was OK. Considering how truly not OK things were, Tre didn't appreciate her pal bringing it up on camera. When Teresa actually went away, it seemed to put everything into perspective for the two, who just wanted to move on once she got out. That peace was short-lived and early into season seven, they were screaming at each other in Jac's kitchen over old tensions and never really stopped. By season's end, they were done for good. And it was probably for the best.

5. Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill, RHONY

In a startling bit of deja vu for RHONY fans, season 10 was all about watching Bethenny lose yet another BFF in stunningly bitter and prolonged fashion. After a few seasons spent watching her grow close to Cool Carole, at the risk of shutting out the rest of their cast mates, resentments over B's rising philanthropy and Carole's allegedly tepid support meant the show's landmark season began with obvious fractures in their friendship. And it only got worse as the two seemed unwilling to budge as they danced circles around each other, lobbing accusations back and forth like it was sport. By the reunion, it was clear there was no going back and Carole wanted out of the narrative officially. She quit the show shortly thereafter.

4. Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge, RHOC

The OG of the OC and her bestie were close almost as soon as Tamra joined RHOC way back in season three. And it seemed like nothing could come between them. Enter: Brooks Ayers. When Vicki started dating the Southern charmer in season seven, Tamra just wasn't that into him and the way he treated her friend and it all led to an explosive fight. Say it with us now: "You were supposed to be my friend, my soulmate, my sister!" And when Brooks then began lying about having cancer in season 10, it seemed like the final nail in this coffin. It would've been wise to call Shannon and David Beador's therapist because this friendship needed a tombstone. (Remember that wild couple's retreat? We digress...) By season 13, things seemed to have returned to a semblance of normalcy, but only because Tamra basically chose to let everything go and not because anything had been, you know, actually healed.

3. Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss, RHOA

When these two Georgia peaches were tight, there was nothing quite like it. Who will ever forget Phaedra bringing Ridickulous to Kandi's 35th birthday party or their running around the streets of Savannah together during season six's girl's trip? Maybe it was their shared inability to arrive anywhere on time that bonded them, but they both seemed as though they'd be the co-captains of Team Smalls for life. That is, of course, until they fell out in over Phaedra's hurt feelings regarding Kandi's continued support of her ex-husband Apollo Nida and the money Phaedra owed Kandi's husband Todd Tucker over that damn Donkey Booty workout DVD. It all culminated in Phaedra orchestrating the spreading of a dangerous lie about her former bestie wanting to drug and assault fellow cast member Porsha Williams, a revelation that left Kandi in tears at the season nine reunion, got Phaedra fired, and left us all stunned.

2. Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, RHOBH

We still can't quite believe that it's this fight over a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice that's going to be the one to destroy this beloved friendship for keeps, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Kyle and LVP seemed like endgame to us. And honestly, we don't know what the show looks like anymore now that we know they aren't.

1. Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel, RHONY

Bravo's original Lucy and Ethel, the friendship between these two was the main delight in the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City. But by the start season three, something had seriously shifted in this relationship and we were forced to watch in real time as a friendship fell all the way apart. Was it hurt feelings over Bethenny's rising star that did them in? Or was it Bethenny's alleged distancing herself from Jill that drove a wedge? Whatever the case may be, it was brutal and by season's end, there appeared to be little hope for a reconciliation. And, despite he tragic passing of Jill's beloved husband Bobby that seemed to bring about a thawing in this cold war in 2018, we expect it'll likely stay that way.

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