The Best Career Advice The Voice Coaches Have Ever Gotten

Exclusive: Watch Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton reveal who they'd pick for their own coach

By Lauren Piester Apr 01, 2019 7:00 PMTags

Sometimes even coaches need coaching. 

In the exclusive clip above, the coaches of The Voice reveal who they'd choose to coach them, as well as the best career advice they've ever gotten. Some of them take the question seriously, and some do not, and we bet you can guess which ones are which before you even watch. 

Hint: One of Blake Shelton's answers involves yellow snow.

Hit play above to hear from Shelton, John Legend, Adam Levine, and Kelly Clarkson, who also happens to give some advice that's good for everybody, not just singers. 

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Once upon a time, Clarkson asked Annie Lennox how she keeps her voice from dying with all the shows and interviews she was doing, and her advice was this: "You gotta know when to say no." 

"I was very young. I was 19 coming off Idol. It was very hard for me to say no because I felt like people would think I was lazy or I was trying to be a diva or something," Clarkson explains. "It's a very simple answer, but it's a very simple thing to say look, I can only do so much because I'm not a robot." 

To be fair, the advice Shelton apparently got from Ted Nugent about not eating yellow snow is also advice even non-singers should be taking, but now we're really wondering when exactly that has helped Shelton with his career in country music. 

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