Molly Sims Makes Motherhood Look Easy, But Confirms "It's Not!" on Mom2Mom

The model and mom of three kids talks to Carissa Culiner about parenting off-camera.

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 29, 2019 3:46 PMTags

Being a fashion model is hard. Trying to be a "model" mom is even harder.

Molly Sims knows that firsthand. In this new episode of E!'s digital series Mom2Mom, the actor, style icon and mom of three chats with host Carissa Culiner about what motherhood really looks like—regardless of how it appears on social media.

"I think everyone on social media tries to make motherhood look easy but it's not," Molly laughs, after Carissa points out that her guest's adorable family does look pretty perfect on the Internet. Fans familiar with Molly's exceedingly wholesome family-friendly Instagram account probably feel the same.

But, despite all those easy-breezy beach snapshots featuring Grey, 2, Scarlett, 4, and Brooks, 6, smiling ear to ear, the lifestyle blogger confirms she's experienced all the regular mom stuff too. Poop in the bathtub? Check. Three hours spent in an airplane bathroom with her sobbing infant? That too. "She could not pull it together," little Scarlett's mom remembers.

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Molly says organization is where she thrives as a mother. But, like a lot of women, raising three young kids has also taught her to accept that things don't always go as planned. "When things happen and things fall apart from the schedule is where I have to a little bit be like, 'It's just gonna happen. It's just gonna be a hot mess,'" she tells Carissa.

But can the host match her composure? See Carissa undergo a highly creative makeover at the hands of Molly's sweet daughter Scarlett during Mom2Mom's latest episode! Plus, Molly talks about her Rachel Miriam collection that benefits the Baby2Baby charity.

Carissa's Mom2Mom series returns to YouTube next Friday with another Hollywood mom!

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