Tyler Henry Stuns Drag Queens Necole and Monica During an Impromptu Backstage Reading

The Hollywood Medium star shows up to the popular restaurant-bar unannounced with special messages for the cast.

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 22, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Makes Drag Queen "Speechless" With Reading

Nobody does pre-show pep talks like Tyler Henry.

In this clip from Thursday's new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant surprises the performers at Lips—a famous NYC restaurant-bar made iconic by its drag shows—with a series of impromptu backstage readings. After thoroughly impressing Necole and Monica with respectively moving messages from deceased family members, Tyler delivers another that nearly brings the room to tears.

"If there's someone who's passed who's having a birthday right now or if someone died at a young age and the anniversary of their death is gonna be in a week, there's something along those lines that's just coming through," he says, emphasizing that timing feels especially relevant in this case.

His interpretation clearly means something to the performers, who seem to know exactly who Tyler's talking about.

"Our friend Ashley," Necole says.

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"We have stuff of hers here," adds Monica, gesturing to a costume rack nearby. "That's just crazy."

Echoing Tyler's reading, Necole explains that Ashley passed away roughly a year earlier. "Actually, it would have been, like, now," she realizes. "That's just amazing."

Monica tells Tyler that Ashley "was one of our best friends" while the rest of the Lips cast nods their heads. "So please know, that would be that individual's way of coming through and just acknowledging that they're around and that they're connected," the medium finishes, and it seems that's just what the performers needed to hear.

"I'm stunned. I really am kind of speechless," Monica admits afterward, before joking: "And I'm never speechless. I run my mouth all the time."

See what happens during Monica and Necole's individual readings in the clip above! 

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