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Okay, Chris Harrison, you got us. That was actually quite dramatic—dare we say the most eventful Bachelor finale ever

While the 23rd season of ABC's beloved love hunt certainly had a happy ending—lead Colton Underwood went rogue to prove how hard he'd fallen for his final rose recipient Cassie Randolph, sending home runners-up Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin before the penultimate rose ceremony and she finally reciprocated his feelings of love—it was far from traditional. 

Neil Lane-sponsored proposals are as essential to the Bachelor franchise as disasters are to Grey's Anatomy. Rachel Lindsay suitor Peter Kraus was basically voted off the island for admitting that, yeah, it's hard to wrap your mind around committing to forever after just weeks of sporadic dating. And previous stars such as Juan Pablo Galavis and Brad Womack were crucified for refusing to get down on one knee as if it were a character flaw to not be 100 percent confident in what is, essentially, a brand new relationship. 

But since Underwood's reasoning for offering up a promise to see where things go in place of a four-carat round diamond was less about an unwillingness to make a grand gesture and more about making his chosen winner comfortable with the trajectory of their relationship, his move was seen as sweet rather than a red flag. Still it doesn't exactly portend a permanent happily ever after. Though the show's track record is overall fairly dismal (just one Bachelor and six Bachelorettes are still with the person they happily embraced as the show's final credits aired for a success rate of less than 20 percent) not one of the stars who decided to forgo a proposal are still attached to their TV mate. 

Underwood is certainly hoping to be the exception to the rule. Already referring to Randolph as his future wife, he uprooted from Denver to be closer to her in L.A. and promises actually cohabitation will come about eventually. "We still have a lot of conversations to have and we have a lot of room to grow in our relationship, too," he explained to Harrison of their decision to move at a sensible pace atypical to Bachelor couples. "So we're enjoying dating right now."

And while approaching their romance like any standard relationship might be prudent, history shows the odds aren't exactly lined up in his favor. 

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell

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Brad Womack, the Bachelor

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Lorenzo Borghese, Jennifer, The Bachelor


Travis Stork, Sarah Stone, Bachelor


Charlie O'Connell, Sarah Brice, The Bachelor

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Jen Schefft, Jerry Ferris, Bachelorette


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