From Jung Joon Young to Seungri: See the Most Shocking K-Pop Scandals

From wild accusations to trouble with the law, some singers have found themselves in hot water

By Mike Vulpo Mar 12, 2019 11:35 PMTags

No music genre is exempt from a few controversies.

There's no question that K-pop bands have a huge fan base across the country and around the world. After all, have you seen how well ticket sales have been for BTS' latest tour in America?

But in recent days, a few K-pop musicians have made headlines after finding themselves in a few legal matters. On Tuesday, Jung Joon Young apologized to his fans and admitted to being part of a group chat where members shared illegal hidden camera footage of women. 

"I write to you in shame and guilt. I, Jung Joon Young, once again realized the seriousness of this situation after returning to Korea on March 12. Although it's already late, I apologize through this letter to all the people who showed an interest in me and gave me a second chance," his statement read in part. "In regards to what is being said in relation to me, I admit to all my crimes. I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a social media chatroom, and while I did so I didn't feel a great sense of guilt." 

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As for Big Bang member Seungri, he announced his retirement from the entertainment industry after being named a suspect in an investigation. According to the New York Times, Seungri is suspected of "offering sexual services." He has denied the allegations

"I've decided to retire from the entertainment industry because of the huge social controversy that has arisen," he wrote on Instagram. "I am under investigation, and I will receive investigation with sincerity so that the building suspicions can be revealed."

Ultimately, there are more than a few controversies worth revisiting. Take a look at some of the most memorable in our gallery below

Kim Dahee

The GLAM member and model Lee Ji Yeon were sentenced for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun. "[The two women] are guilty of their charges. However, neither of them have criminal records and the situation did not carry through," the Department of Justice said. "The video was not released to the public, and the crime was not carefully contemplated, nor did it seem like they appreciated the gravity of their actions...Although the defendants submitted letters of apology, they did not show their sincerity in apologizing for their behavior in their relationship with the victim. Because that counts against them, it is impossible to avoid imprisonment." 

Kim Hyun-Joong

The South Korean singer and actor was slapped with a fine for committing assault against his former girlfriend. While Kim initially claimed that he accidentally hurt her while trying out some marital arts techniques, he would later release an official apology. "I caused many people worry and concern. I do not know where to start offering my word of apology and forgiveness," he shared in a press conference. "From here on, I will live and show you that I am just a person, rather than saying that I will make up for it with better acting or music."



Back in 2016, the K-pop group Super Junior member was sentenced to a $6,420 fine for drunk driving. "The defendant was previously fined for the same offense and once again caused an accident and fled. So it appears that he deserves severe punishment," the Seoul Central District Court said. "However, the accident did not cause any casualties, only property damage, and the defendant appears to be repenting his wrongdoing." 

Jung Joon-Young

The singer-songwriter, DJ and television personality admitting to being part of a group chat where members shared illegal hidden camera footage of women. "I apologize to the women who have experienced great suffering due to my actions, to the many people who must feel anger even more so than disappointment, and to the many people who made me into a public figure and cherished me," he said in a statement. "I will sincerely take part without any falsehoods in the investigations that will begin on the morning of March 14, and I will accept punishment for my actions." The DJ also confirmed he will suspend all activities in the entertainment industry. 


The member of K-pop band BigBang recently announced his retirement from the entertainment industry after police suspected him of "offering sexual services." He denies the claims. "I've decided to retire from the entertainment industry because of the huge social controversy that has arisen. I am under investigation, and I will receive investigation with sincerity so that the building suspicions can be revealed," he said in a statement posted on Instagram. "During the past month and a half, I have received criticism and hate from the public and been in a situation where every investigative agency in this country is investigating me. I just cannot accept causing pain to those around me just for my sake." 



Park Bom

Back in 2014, news broke that Park Bom—a vocalist of former girl group 2NE1—allegedly tried to smuggle 82 capsules of amphetamines from the United States into South Korea. The incident was dismissed without indictment but the singer became much more private after the scandal. "I wouldn't feel that it's so unfair to be in this situation, only if I've done drugs even once. I've really never done drugs. I did get investigated, but free of charge," Park shared in an interview.


According to Billboard, the group faced severe backlash when the group's former bassist Kwon Kwon Jin became the center of controversy after multiple accusations, including sexual harassment, bad-mouthing his bandmates and dating one of his fans. While Kwon and his lawyer denied most of the allegations, deeming any sexual misconduct as "outlandish," Kwon admitted to dating a fan and chose to depart the group permanently. The FNC Entertainment band would be able to recover with new music including "Rooftop."  

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