Gina Rodriguez's Dating Stories From Her "Wild Phase" Will Shock You

Jane the Virgin star also shares details about her upcoming wedding to Joe LoCicero

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Another year older and a little less bolder.

When it comes to Gina Rodriguez's life, the Hollywood actress has settled down with her dream man Joe LoCicero. In fact, they are currently engaged and planning their dream wedding.

But before she found the one, the Jane the Virgin star admitted that her twenties were a wilder time.

"I was told by my sister at a very young age, your twenties are all about dating. Don't get married in your twenties. Date everyone, date every gender, just date like crazy and enjoy yourself," Gina shared in a new interview with Elle. "It was definitely something that I paid attention to. Part of me is really happy I did that, but also happy that wild phase is done. Because I did...crazy things."

What does she exactly mean by "crazy" things?

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"I experimented, and there were some times I probably could've gotten myself killed. Well, not sexually! You know, I just...I'm a wild one," Gina explained. "I try things that scare me at least once. I mean, I started racing cars in my teens, I did graffiti, I was a loco."

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She continued, "Now, in my thirties, I'm not doing that as much anymore. When I was in my twenties, I'd be like, Oh, bring it on, f--kin' fear, yes! Now I'm like, I'm good, done that, or don't want to do that. As I get older, the more important my life becomes to me, right? I could definitely have gotten myself hurt pretty severely."

At 34 years young, Gina remains busier than ever with a new Netflix movie available on April 19 called Someone Great. She also is working hard on a spinoff of Jane the Virgin.

As for that upcoming wedding, one close family member has been the biggest help in making sure everything is perfect.

"[Wedding planning is] so easy. You know why? Because my amazing mother-in-law's pretty much doing all that. She's the greatest," Gina shared. "I would happily marry Joe today in the courthouse, but we belong to a big Italian family and a big Puerto Rican family. That was not going to happen."

She added, "We're doing the thing for our family, and we hope they're happy. That's all that matters to me, that everybody's happy. That's also something I'm working on: people-pleasing."

We can't wait for the special day!

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