Daniel Bryan Worries He's Not as "Environmentally Friendly" as He Used to Be on Total Bellas

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 01, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Daniel Bryan Is Upset With Not Being as Environmentally Friendly

You are what you eat! And when it comes to sustainability, the planet is essentially what you throw away. 

Daniel Bryan knows that. In this clip from Sunday's Total Bellas, he's eager to reduce his carbon footprint and get back to his longstanding eco-conscious ways. Brie Bella does too, though the WWE champ and mother of one is reasonably concerned about logistics during an afternoon trip to the grocery store with her husband. As Bryan and Brie meander through the produce aisle—which, like most grocery stores, features a hefty supply of packaged goods in addition to fresh ones—the prospect of "going greener" seems more and more difficult.

"You know what? Watermelon is yummy and helps with water loss," says Brie, tossing a pre-sliced package of fruit into their shopping cart.

"But if we're gonna get a watermelon, shouldn't we get just a real watermelon, cut it up? Because we're trying to save on plastic?" Bryan asks.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Love Story

"Are you gonna cut it up today? Because I leave early in the morning," Brie points out. 

Bryan agrees to help out with the watermelon, but he's clearly feeling some guilt about their grocery list by the end of the new clip. As his wife notes, "everything's packaged, so it's kind of tough" to shop sustainably.

"My husband's been really disappointed lately because he feels like he hasn't been as environmentally friendly in his lifestyle as he used to be. And I'll agree. It's hard when you travel a lot," Brie explains. "Because we're busy all the time, we've kind of let those things go."

As for what to do about that? Find out how the Bella twin plans to help ease her hubby's conscience in the clip above! 

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