It's the moment you've all been waiting for: Colton Underwood will finally jump that fence on The Bachelor's Monday, March 4 episode—and E! News has your exclusive sneak peek.

The episode, which is also the fantasy suites episode, features Colton mulling the loss of his virginity to one of the three remaining women—Cassie, Hannah or Tayshia—only if he's in love.

"My heart is very full," Colton says. "My heart is very complete."

Colton and the three remaining contestants will head to the Algarve region of Portugal for a trip full of surprises, ABC said, including some extreme anxiety. Look for Colton and Tayshia to take a helicopter ride to Cape St. Vincent and Colton and Cassie's date to be interrupted by a bombshell surprise. Plus, he reveals the conversation he had with her father.

And yes, the breakdown moment you've been waiting for, the moment that's been teased for weeks, will finally happen: the fence jump. "What he does next not only changes his journey, but everyone else's," ABC said in its episode description.

"He is gone," Chris Harrison says in the teaser.

Take a peek at what's to come in the trailer above. The Bachelor airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC and The Bachelor's "The Women Tell All" special airs Tuesday, March 5. The sneak peek of the Tuesday special features lots of tears and yelling, as per usual.

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