Chris Brown, Rihanna

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Is Chris Brown's next project as screwed as he is? It's still up in the air whether or not Brown will be charged with anything regarding Rihanna's alleged assault. That's about as effed-up as the economy, eh?

Even if the performer comes out of this mess legally unscathed, you bet his career is going to take a real beating (if Jay-Z doesn't get to him first). So what's going to happen? Will he come back like many people who have screwed up before him?

C.B. just finished filming the action thriller Bone Deep, so we contacted studio reps asking whether or not the film is going to be affected at all by this hideous mess:

"We finished filming last December," was all the studio cared to comment. Subtext: We're not touching that hotbed of misogynistic headlines with a 10-foot range speakerphone, no way.

Well then.

When we pressed whether their promotion strategy might not be changed to better navigate the murky waters of their fallen star, we got no response back. Zilcho.

Which only means one thing: They're in deep crap and they damn well know it. Think back to when Lindsay Lohan was driving her drunk ass around after making kid-friendly flicks. See any Herbie 2 scripts landing at her door—or any scripts for that matter?

Chris' mess reeks of career burnout ahead, and the studio saying mum seems only to confirm that. For now. Of course, when idiotic Rihanna takes Chrissy back into her attacked arms—instead of pressing charges and suiting the crap of out him—that'll make everything all better for the bastard. Don't do it, Ri-Ri, we beg of you!

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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