Bebe Rexha Defends Dad After He Asks Her to "Stop Posting Stupid Pornography"

Singer shared a text message from her father on social media

By Jess Cohen Feb 26, 2019 4:57 PMTags
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Bebe Rexha says she's "disappointed" in herself after posting a text message from her dad on social media.

Just days ago, the 29-year-old "Last Hurrah" singer took to Instagram Story to share a screenshot of a critical message she received from her father, Flamur Rexha. In the message, Bebe's father told her to "stop posting stupid pornography" and said he's "very upset" with her.

"You better stop posting stupid pornography because you make me sick," Flamur wrote in the text message. "I can't take this anymore."

Bebe's dad went on to tell his daughter in the message that he's "embarrassed to go in public."

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"I'm very upset with you," Flamur told Bebe. "I can't believe it."

Along with a face palm emoji, Bebe captioned the screenshot, "My dad hates me."


After seeing the text message post on Instagram Story, many fans began to criticize Bebe's dad for his comments to his daughter.

The singer went on to delete the screenshot from social media and took to Twitter to defend her dad amid the backlash.

"Don't say mean things about my dad please he is an amazing father," Bebe told her social media followers in a since-deleted post, adding that her dad is "not a bad guy."

"I should of never have posted that screenshot," she tweeted. "I'm disappointed in myself. I was being sarcastic. I understand where he is coming [from] as a father and that's why the text was a bit harsh. I am upset that he still isn't speaking to me, but he is still my father."

This comes just days after Bebe shared that her "Last Hurrah" music video was flagged as "sensitive" on YouTube.

"My video was flagged as 'sensitive' on YouTube," she tweeted her followers last week. "So it can't trend now."

"I am woman who is living unapologetically. I'm not gonna be made to feel bad about making ART," she added in a second tweet. "And yes art to me is my beautiful ass out, boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, crosses on my body. IF A MALE RAPPER PUT OUT THAT VIDEO OUT IT WOULD BE FINE."

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