Colton Underwood Reveals How Therapy Keeps Him ''Sane'' in Empowering Message About Mental Health

The Bachelor star gets candid about his experience on the reality show

By Cydney Contreras Feb 26, 2019 1:34 AMTags
Colton Underwood, The BacheloretteCraig Sjodin/ABC

Colton Underwood is starting a conversation about the need to normalize therapy.

As the star of the popular reality show, The Bachelor, Colton reaches a large audience on Twitter and Instagram and he is using those platforms for good. On Twitter, the reality star is sharing that he sees a therapist "regularly," because in his view "mental health is HEALTH."

Contrary to what some people may think, Colton says that seeing a therapist "doesn't make me crazy or delusional... it actually makes me sane."

Underwood's candid confession comes after the star revealed to TV Insider that the show provided a therapist for him during the emotional process of finding a woman to spend the rest of his life with. "Any time I wanted to meet my therapist I could, which was nice," he shared. 

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He added, "I can't say enough good things about how they provide that opportunity for me to have that space and to have that security with no microphones and cameras, so that when I do need to go vent, or be alone, or talk through things with somebody, I have that safe space."

If he didn't have a professional to turn to during these times of emotional turmoil, he said he would likely go to his mom for comfort and reassurance. "The interesting thing is the relationship between my mom and me is more ... I feel like we're best friends more than mother/son," he explained.

Hopefully, by the end of the show Colton will have a new lady to turn to, but there are just weeks left until viewers learn who Colton decides to propose to!

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