Mark Ballas, Joanna Pacitti

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Dancing With the StarsMark Ballas and the one with all the eyeliner who got kicked off America Idol Joanna Pacitti are dating now. Depending on how that works out, this could be Joanna's last, best shot to score a Star cover. Dream big, kids.

The Jonas Brothers are smart boys—they're not going to fall for Us' Jen Aniston vs. Angelina bait.

When you bail out on your Broadway run citing mercury poisoning via sushi, you might have to go to actor's court

Sean Penn's response to Madonna's new friend Jesus was pretty classic: "Another kid already?”

Katie Holmes is starring in the real-life Changeling. Where is Suri Cruise?!

The Obama dog is coming this April.

Whoa, guys. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are sitting next to each other on a park bench in Paris. They are conversing, and it appears his fingers grazed her arm at one point. That is all.

If only Blake Lively always looked as lovely as Serena Van Der Woodsen in our Big Pic gallery.

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