Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Arrested Development

Sam Urdank/FOX

Ya just gotta love Jeffrey Tambor's excitement over the upcoming Arrested Development movie.

"I can't wait," Tambor tells me. "I want it to happen, and I want to see my friends again, and I want to play my two characters. I'm there as soon as they ask me. I'm so excited."

And so are we, especially since my television dishing diva cohort Kristin Dos Santos broke the exclusive news yesterday that Michael Cera has finally agreed to do the flick.

Now, what about the movie's storylines?

If Tambor knows anything, he's not saying. (Ron Howard told our own Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars that studio bosses have asked all those involved with Arrested to stop talking about the flick so much).

"They just said, 'We want to do it,' and now everybody's on board," Tambor says. "But I hear nothing. I go to bed every night crossing my fingers."

And, if for some reason, the movie fails to do well stateside, it sounds like there could be big box office potential in...Russia.

Yes, Russia!

"I was just in Moscow, and they love it there!" Tambor says. "I had no idea it was so popular."

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