Watch Tyler Henry Share Messages to a Grieving Mother From the Smiley Face Killers Documentary

This crossover clip sees the Hollywood Medium star offer his take on one of the mysterious deaths that catalyzed Oxygen's limited documentary series, Smiley Face Killers.

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 20, 2019 8:31 PMTags

More than ten years after the fact, Tyler Henry is helping one mom find closure. 

This digital bonus clip from Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry follows the clairvoyant through a particularly gripping session with Barbara MacKay. In a departure from his usual celebrity clientele, Barbara is a Pennsylvania resident who has more than a few lingering questions about her late son's death.

"My son Tommy Booth disappeared and was found drowned in 2008," Barbara tells the camera ahead of her meeting with Tyler. "I'm here today to try to get a little more info onto what happened to my son."

As part of her decade-long quest for answers, Barbara also appears on Oxygen's limited crime seriesSmiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice. The season finale airs this Saturday, Feb. 23. But during its most recent Feb. 16 episode, the docuseries explored the murky details of Tommy's death as well as the—potentially even murkier—investigation that followed. 

"When it came to an investigation around this death, the thing is, there's this feeling...of just, like, error. Just a lot of error. Human error, to be honest," says Tyler during their reading.

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And while he and Barbara do discuss the specifics of Tommy's disappearance at length in the new clip, Tyler goes on to say that her son's "No. 1 message here" actually has less to do with his cause of death and considerably more to do with the events that came after.

That definitely resonates with Barbara. A little more than 11 years ago, 24-year-old Tommy went missing after a night out with friends. Two weeks later, his body was found in a creek behind the bar where he was last seen.

The medical examiner ruled the incident a "probable drowning," but his family always suspected foul play. Retired NYPD detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte's theory that Tommy's death might have been tied to a whole string of unsolved murders takes center stage on Smiley Face Killers

"Even beyond the cause of his passing, interestingly, it's like, 'Look at the details of the investigation. This doesn't add up,'" Tyler relays to Barbara, adding, "That is one of the big truths that I feel like we're meant to take away from today."

See how Barbara reacts—and hear more about Tommy's case—in the clip above! 

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