Kelly Clarkson's Cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" Will Give You Chills

She performed it in Wisconsin during her "Minute + A Glass of Wine" series.

By Lena Grossman Feb 17, 2019 12:04 AMTags
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Kelly Clarkson would have made Ally and Jackson Maine proud.

The "Heartbeat Song" artist recently performed a cover of the Grammy Award-winning song "Shallow" which was sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the film A Star Is Born. "Shallow" is sung as a duet in the movie, and although Clarkson performed solo, she had enough voice to perfectly sing both parts.

The 36-year-old posted the video on Facebook as part of her "Minute + A Glass of Wine" series and talked about how much she appreciated Gaga and the song before diving right in. 

"I love artists. I know there's a lot of competition with artists in any industry, but there's a lot of us that just dig each other and we really get inspired by each other and what they're doing," she told the crowd. 

Clarkson continued, "This chick is amazing. We're really different, but at the same time we're similar in the fact that she just loves music and that's why she's doing what she's doing."

The American Idol winner told a brief story about the time they performed at the same show and how Gaga wrote her a hand-written letter telling her how nice it was to open for Clarkson. "She was the nicest human being ever," Clarkson said.

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"It's so cool to know that someone that talented is so nice," she added.

Clarkson said she's been "rooting for her for a while" and it seems like that positive energy has clearly paid off for Gaga. The Joanne singer garnered some Oscar nominations this year, including Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Original Song for "Shallow."

"I hope she wins," Clarkson said.

A Star Is Born is also nominated for Best Picture. She and Cooper are scheduled to perform it together, which he's pretty sure he'll be "terrified" about

The "Bad Romance" singer has already won a number of accolades for the tune, including Grammy, Critics' Choice and Golden Globe awards.

Gaga talked about the meaning of the song during her 2019 Critics' Choice Awards speech. "This song is a conversation between men and women. Asking each other questions about life and a desire for more depth of the shallowness of a modern era."

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At the 2019 Grammys, the talented singer made her acceptance speech for "Shallow" a calling card for people to take care of each other and be open about mental health struggles.

"If I don't get another chance to say this, I just want to say I'm so proud to be part of a movie that addresses mental health issues, they're so important," she said during her thank yous. "And a lot of artists, a lot of artists deal with that. And we got to take care of each other. So, if you see somebody that is hurting, don't look away. And if you are hurting, even though it might be hard, try to find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody and take them up in your head with you."

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