Rachel Brosnahan Reveals Her Secrets to Staying Healthy on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Set

Actress also shares her workout regime when covering SHAPE

By Mike Vulpo Feb 11, 2019 6:22 PMTags
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Rachel Brosnahan's secret to staying healthy may not be your first guess.

When the Hollywood actress was working on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, she found herself working 14 or 15-hour days. As a result, her body had to adjust to a whole new schedule.

"For the first season of the show, I was feeling very tired. And because I have a fast metabolism, I felt like I was dropping weight in an unhealthy way," Rachel admitted to SHAPE for their March issue. "Bone broth has collagen and fat in it, along with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and I really think it helped me."

She added, "I was the only person on our set who didn't get sick that season."

Sweatin' With the Stars

While diet is an important step in feeling good and staying healthy, working out certainly has its perks as well. Despite a busy schedule that takes her all over the world, Rachel says she tries her best to break a sweat when she can.


"Exercise keeps me focused and clearheaded. These days, I find it difficult to have any kind of set routine because my schedule seems to be constantly in flux," the 28-year-old shared. "So I'm working out where I can and when I can. It's hard to hold on to a gym membership because I travel so much, but I've had fun finding new classes wherever I am."

And on those days when working out just isn't possible, Rachel has some advice so many of us need to hear.

Just chill.

"Sometimes I find that the best thing for my body is to just take that extra hour of sleep and not work out," she told the publication. "I'm good at making time for self-care when I get overwhelmed. I read a book or take a bath or snuggle with my doggies and watch Survivor. Or I have coffee with friends."

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