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Episode 6: It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy

Dillon Panthers' record: 4 -1

Tim Riggins demeanour: Heart-throbberific.

The skies over Dillon opened up on Friday, and The Great Tim Riggins Drought of season 3 came to a merciful end.  #33 was front and center, and the FNL faithful were treated to 44 minutes of Riggins’ deadpan witticisms, steely sex-glares and references to quarterbacks by their jersey numbers.  It was satisfying to say the least.  That, along with big weeks from Saracen, Landry, Tyra, Coach T, and even young J.D. McCoy added up to one of the best episodes ever.  I will now attempt to keep my ramblings under 10,000 words as I count down the seconds to Friday night.  Let’s go…

Julie and Matt are feeling the love again, as they appeared to (ahem) “conclude” the virginity story line from season 1 and look to be an item once again.  The relationship puts a smile on Julie’s face, and provides an unexpected silver lining in the QB demotion for Matt Saracen.  If he had never been dumped as QB1 he never would have started the miserable brooding routine that got him back with Julie.

The cure to Landry’s heartache also arrived this week, bass guitar in hand.  The newest member of Crucifictorious, Devin, is much more Landry’s style than Tyra ever was, and she isn’t afraid to tell him to buck up.  Things are looking up for Landry, but with next week’s teaser promising that Devin is “not quite who she seems to be,” I’m not holding my breath.

And perhaps I'm just drunk on the Riggins Kool-Aid, but I'm even starting to warm to Cowboy Cash. “Cash’s secret drug-addiction” took a back seat to “Cash’s secret baby-mama,” though after a strangely endearing explanation/apology the two are back together and stronger than ever.  He seemed amazingly genuine, and what once looked like a 4 episode arc might turn into the real thing.  Still not sure if we’re supposed to think he’s a good guy or a bad guy, but for now I’m on board.

J.D. McCoy, on the other hand, could probably benefit from a little less love.  Though he continues to dominate on the field, his overbearing father has gone off the deep end, twice drawing the “my gawd, you’re an idiot” look from Coach Taylor.  J.D. also benefited from some extra screen time, and is shaping into an interesting and likable character.  Of course it helped that he was rolling with Riggins for the whole episode, but I digress.

Where do we even begin on Coach Taylor?  From his stoic words of assurance to J.D (“I wouldn’t dream of it, son”) to his hall-of-fame pep-talk to a disheartened Jason Street, the Coach was just on fire.  I can’t wait for the showdown with J.D.’s dad where he says something awesome like, “It’s time you let your boy become a man.”  You know it’s coming.

In Other News: Tim and Lyla’s brief visit to the school dance was one of the funniest scenes ever, with Tim assuring her, “I love this kind of stuff.  It just feels right.”… Billy Riggins continues to play the yin to his brother’s yang of awesomeness.  This week he drove a nail through his hand after buying a 1,700 dollar toilet… Street is super in love with his baby and the baby’s mother, while the house-flipping operation is spiralling down the tubes… Tyra's mom is fond of Cash for the worst reasons ever... I am very seriously considering purchasing a #33 Dillon Panthers jersey.  This is getting out of hand.


Flipping Buddy's House
How will Jason Street's house-flipping scheme end?
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