The Inspiring Story Behind Kelly Rowland’s New "Crown" Music Video

By Taylor Stephan Feb 11, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Branded: Kelly Rowland

We're Kelly Rowland fans any day of the year, but when we caught wind of the real life stories behind her new song "Crown," we were even more about her. 

To give the song some street cred, the singer worked with our favorite body-positive beauty brand Dove to create it. The feel-good anthem, which is all about rocking your natural hair breaking down the narrow definition of beautiful hair and encouraging girls to rock their hair like —you guessed it—a crown, is made even better with emotional stories from real girls.

Kelly Rowland's Street Style

It opens with these young girls, who've faced adversity when it comes to their hair, sharing their truth—one by one. As the video continues, they all join Kelly in celebrating their uniqueness—a moving three minutes, to say the least. Feeling suddenly inspired? Dove wants young girls and women from all over to join in spreading this message of self-love far and wide.

Watch the full video below and consider "Crown" the go-to anthem for the next generation of girls to wear their hair loud and proud.

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