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And we're back...

Heroes continues tonight with a special spotlight on H.R.G. (the flawless Jack Coleman), and by spotlight we mean "mental power drill." Desperate to find out why they're being persecuted by the government, Matt (Greg Grunberg), Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) did a little "extralegal rendition" of their own and kidnapped Noah Bennet so they could pry through his brain using Matt's power.

So, what sordid secrets did they discover? We're recapping that and spilling a couple secrets of our own about next week's all-new Heroes, including an intriguing twist for Sylar...

What We Learned:

Daphne's Alive: Yay! Our little Speedster lives! Thanks to Matt's access to the inside of H.R.G's brain, we learned that the lovely Daphne Millbrook (Brea Grant) is alive. Her brain is the general consistency of porridge, thanks to the Hunter and company, but she's out there somewhere, and Matt's gonna save her. Whoo!

Gray Matter: Gotta love the man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses. As Noah confessed to Angela Petrelli at the end of the episode, he's not opposed to being a little morally gray. He's doing what he can to gain the Hunter's trust and keep an eye on the government's operation, even if it means losing his family's trust (for the umpteenth time).

Black & White & Read All Over: You long-time fans will recognize the black-and-white look of this episode from the season-one classic "Company Man." I think the shades of gray onscreen represent the shades of gray in H.R.G.'s flexible worldview. Is that a kooky theory?

Missing in Action: The lens pulled in close for this episode, so we were lacking the likes of Hiro, Ando, Sylar and Tracy. Who'd you miss the most? Do you prefer the show when it's primarily Clan Bennet-Petrelli, or do you insist on having Sylar and Hiro in the mix? (Psst...No Hiro-Ando again next week, but Sylar will definitely be back.)

The Hunter: Now that we're a few episodes in to Fugitives, what do you think of Zeljko Ivanek as the Hunter? He's not quite as moustache-twirlingly wicked as Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster), is he? Is that a good thing or would you prefer he were a little more evil overlord-y? Post in the comments!

What's To Come

  • The guide and informant known as Rebel returns next week, and based on his near omniscient technical prowess, I'm increasingly inclined to believe that Rebel is really Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey).
  • In case you couldn't tell, things are getting really bad between Noah and Sandra Bennet. Like, possibly D-I-V-O-R-C-E bad...
  • Sylar remembers some details of his childhood before he was given up for adoption and we'll learn that at least one of his "psycho killer" behaviors—you could even call it his signature—runs in the family.

What did you think of the latest installment of Heroes? Post in the comments!

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