Dennis Beaudoin, Nadya Suleman


Who's your Octodaddy? Depends on who you believe.

Today's Good Morning America featured an interview with one Dennis Beaudoin, who insisted that his supersperm sired the octuplets born to Nadya Suleman. Beaudon says he and Suleman, whom he used to call Giggles, were in a serious relationship from 1997 to 1999 and that he offered to help her conceive after she purportedly told him she had ovarian cancer and had to act quickly.

Au contraire, says Suleman. In an interview with Us Weekly, she acknowledges that Beaudoin donated sperm for her in vitro fertilization plans, but adamantly denies that he fathered any of the children in her now-infamous brood.

"He's not lying. He went to the doctor with me once," the 33-year-old mother of 14 told the magazine. "It didn't work. He's not the father of any. He didn't work.

"He was right before the real donor."

She says the father on her children's birth certificate is a friend of hers named David Solomon. She says he contributed his sperm after Beaudoin's deposit.

Suleman also insists that she never claimed to have cancer.

Beaudoin, meanwhile, believes he sees a familiy resemblance and says he is now seeking a DNA test to prove it. And if he's the daddy, he'll help shoulder the burden.

"I mean, I loved Nadya very much," he told the morning show. "She really had a really infectious laugh...kind of like she had a real high-pitch, cartoon voice. And you know, she was a lot of fun to be around. Just her whole bubbly outward personality was really, really cool.

"Either which way, you know, know that if she needs it, I'll lend a helping hand," he adds. "She needs help. I mean it's hard. It's hard noawadays to raise two kids, let alone 14."

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