Oprah Handing Out Tequila Shots in Her Pajamas Is Truly Iconic

YOU get a shot!

By Lena Grossman Feb 03, 2019 12:42 AMTags
Oprah Winfrey, A Wrinkle in Time PremiereAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

From the studio to the seas, Oprah Winfrey will never stop giving. And people will never stop loving it.

The talk show host posted an Instagram video on Saturday that showed the newly minted 65-year-old handing out tequila shots to women on a cruise ship. Oh yeah, she was also in her pajamas.

You can hear it now, can't you? "YOU get a shot and YOU get a shot!"

Oprah and her BFF Gayle King hosted a three-day gathering called the Girls' Getaway Cruise on one of Holland America Line's ships. It departed from Ft. Lauderdale and made stops in the Bahamas.

"Tequila anyone? 'I'm not throwing away my shot'! Thanks to every mother-daughter-sister-friend-cousin-neice-companion-partner who joined us on the #Girl'sGetAwayCruise," she captioned the video.

Fascinating Facts About Oprah Winfrey

Oprah looked totally iconic as she walked into a room of cheering women holding a tray of tequila shots.

She donned a pair of navy blue (probably silk) pajamas with the Oprah logo on the lapel.

Those in crowd screamed out things like, "We love you!" and "Thank you, Oprah!"

Women who attended Oprah and King's Getaway Cruise enjoyed activities like a book discussion, a styling session and advice on beauty and fashion. The O, The Oprah Magazine founder gave a talk over the weekend where she was scheduled to "share insights on how to live your best life."

Clearly, Oprah already has that covered!

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