They didn't start the, they didn't light it, but they didn't try to fight it.

Ever since the release of the dueling Fyre Festival documentaries, Hulu's Fyre Fraud and Netflix's Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, the Internet just can't get enough of the you-can't-make-this-s--t-up details about the rise and demise of Billy McFarland and Ja Rule's 2017 music-festival-turned-national-headline-disaster. 

While Hulu's seemed to be openly mocking the influencer culture that contributed to the mess happening in the first place, Netflix gave a more behind-the-scenes look into how McFarland was able (and enabled, in some ways) to keep the scheme afloat until it was too late and a cheese sandwich went viral.

Both films featured interviews with the major players behind Fyre, even McFarland himself (who was paid by Hulu for the exclusive sitdown), as well as people close to McFarland, the local Bahamian workers whose lives were impacted greatly, and the influencers who ended up sleeping in the unfinished tents in the Bahamas when they were expecting luxurious suites. 

While Fyre Fraud and Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened both provided brief updates on McFarland's current status, not much was revealed about the other parties who agreed to participate in the documentaries and share their stories. 

So naturally, we got to stalkin' to find out who's still talkin' about the festival and the documentaries after their respective releases...and who literally moved to another country to avoid all the fallout.

Billy McFarland, Fyre


Ja Rule, Billy McFarland, Fyre


Fyre Festival, Andy King

Fyre Festival, Maryann Rolle

Fyre Festival, Anastasia Eremenko

Fyre Festival, Mick Purzycki

Fyre Festival, Oren Aks

Fyre Festival, Justin Liao

Fyre Festival, Mark Crawford

Fyre Festival, Austin Mills

Fyre Festival, Alyssa Lynch

Fyre Festival, Seth Crossno

Fyre Festival, Brett Kincaid

Fyre Festival, Luca Sabatini

Fyre Festival, Samuel Krost

Fyre Festival, Marc Weinstein

Fyre Festival, Shiyuen Deng

Fyre Festival, Michael Ciccarelli

Fyre Festival, MDavid Low

Fyre Festival, Grant Margolin

Fyre Festival, Martin Howell

Fyre Fraud is currently available to stream on Hulu, while Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is available on Netflix. 

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