Ashton Kutcher

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for WeWork

They say that call or text can wait. But what if it's from Ashton Kutcher?!

On Tuesday afternoon, the Hollywood actor surprised fans on social media when he decided to post his phone number on social media.

"I miss having a real connection w/ real people. My Community. From now on you can just text me," he shared with his 18 million Twitter followers. "I won't be able to respond to everyone but at least we can be real w/ each other & I can share the unedited latest & greatest in my world +1 (319) 519-0576."

Ashton added, "Yes this is my#."

Since we're a bit curious at E! News, we decided to send a text on our mobile devices.  While he didn't personally reply to our questions—yet—his automatic replies shed some light on what he's up too.

"Hey it's Ashton. This is an autotext to let you know I got your message, everything else will be from me. Make sure you click the link and add yourself to my phone so I can respond to you," he wrote. "Welcome to my Community!"

The texts continued, "This is what the lawyers are making me text you. There will be no more of that!! "

While we're still waiting for a personalized text back, we warn you that it may take a while. The actor alerted us that he's hard at work on the set of his Netflix sitcom.

As for what he truly has up his sleeves, we're still guessing. A part of us knows he's a genius businessman who has appeared as a guest shark on Shark Tank.

But how can we forget about all the seasons of pranking celebrities on MTV's Punk'd? We are smarter than that, we think.

"Alright so I'm definitely not going to be able to respond to every one of your questions but love hearing from you," Ashton shared in another text message. "I'm on the set of The Ranch right now. Will send updates soon. Have the best damn day you can!"

Whatever the case may be, you caught our attention Ashton. Well done!

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