Sarah Jessica Parker Imagines Carrie Bradshaw's Life With Mr. Big Today

Nearly ten years since fans last saw the couple on the silver screen, the actress behind Carrie Bradshaw contemplates the characters today.

By Samantha Schnurr, Amanda Williams Jan 28, 2019 8:43 PMTags
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What would Carrie and Mr. Big be up to right now? Sarah Jessica Parker has an idea. 

Nearly a decade since we last saw one of TV's most iconic couples in the movie sequel, fans have yet to fall out of love (or fascination) with the one and only Carrie Bradshaw and her equally beloved, and sometimes frustrating, leading man. So, how would we find the chic NYC pair in 2019? 

"Well, my guess is that she and Big are New Yorkers and still involved. I'm sure she's still writing. I'm sure she has a lot to write about given what's happened in this country over the last year and a half, two years, politically, socially. I think she would be deeply engaged in those conversations," Parker told E! News exclusively. "I think that she would still be a voracious reader and have maintained those friendships and I would hope that she and Big were enjoying their time together and still you know, in love and in like."

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Clutch your Manolos because there had even been murmurings of Mr. Big being killed off as a possible third movie plot line. 

"I think she would be devastated if her husband passed away," Parker said of the idea. "I think she would feel a great a loss in a partner and grateful for the time and memories they had. That would be my guess. I can't imagine her celebrating it, that's for sure...she might raise a Stella in his name, but I don't know that she would be celebrating. Celebrate his life, yes. She would celebrate the life they lived, the time they had, memories shared, and yes raise the Stella and pour it forward."

Yes, if you haven't heard, Carrie Bradshaw is drinking Stella Artois these days in lieu of her signature Cosmopolitans. In honor of Parker's partnership with Stella Artois and Water.org's Pour It Forward campaign, which provides access to clean water for those in need, the actress stars in the pilsner brand's 2019 Super Bowl commercial as the famous fashionista.

In the spot, we see Bradshaw, dressed to her usual nines, taking a seat in a bar and inadvertently causing some hilarious chaos when she requests a Stella instead of her usual cocktail. 

Shortly after, Jeff Bridges shows up as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski from The Big Lebowski, opting out of his usual White Russian for a Stella as well. "Changing could do a little good,' he tells Bradshaw before they raise a glass to each other.  

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"It was fun, it was joyful," Parker told E! News of getting back into character. "It was wonderfully strange because of this sort of alternate universe that's created where [The Dude] and Carrie find themselves in the same place, so there's sort of this, it sort of felt like literally an alternate universe in a great way...and the best of all was what we were doing it for and why…to support Water.org and Stella's partnership and these efforts to have an enormous impact globally, to help Americans you know shepherd them towards the same simple choice."

And, of course, the commercial was not without Carrie's fabulous fashion sense. As the actress explained, she and a stylist worked together to figure out what Carrie would wear for the scene, begging the question: would Carrie be as interested in 2010s styles as she was back then?  



"I think she would be interested in all of it," Parker said of today's big trends. "I don't know that she could wear all of it, or I don't know that she would think she could wear...I think she would have much interest and the light in talking about fashion, exploring it, wearing some, getting it wrong, getting it right."

As the star added, "I think her relationship to fashion was pretty healthy you know, meaning she didn't indict anything whether for it being a trend or for it being out of fashion. I think she was interested in storytelling and loved telling sort of who she was everyday by the way she walked out the door, and I think she probably would be as engaged today as she was then." 

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