Manifest Is a Hit Show, So What Happens to Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh When They Travel?

From nervous reactions from passengers to getting sick, the drama about a mysterious flight has messed with its stars

By Chris Harnick Jan 28, 2019 7:45 PMTags
Watch: "Manifest" Stars Reveal How Traveling Has Changed for Them

So, you're on Manifest, a hit show about an airplane full of people that disappears for five years mid-flight. Does that mess with your real-life travel experiences? Yep, it seems so.

"Every time I get on a plane people have various different reactions to me, like ‘Uh oh!' or ‘We were so exciting you were on, but scared at the same time.' It's just a weird kind of thing," series star Josh Dallas told E! News.

Dallas' costar Melissa Roxburgh said her body just goes into shock when she travels, and every time she goes to an airport since the show she gets sick in some way.

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"And every time I feel turbulence, I think about it. I think about the show, I think about the idea of something happening where we're going to land, it's going to be five years later, it's going to be some kind of weird change when I land," Dallas added.

Travel anxiety aside, Dallas and Roxburgh have the second half of Manifest season one ahead of them. "We get to meet a lot of new characters that put in massive pieces of the puzzle. They kind of change things drastically for all of the characters and some of them are around to stay for a little bit too," Roxburgh teased.

"I think from this point on we start hurdling towards the finale where were find out some game-changing information," Dallas said.

Viewers can expect some answers, Dallas said, but "it doesn't mean there won't be more questions."

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Manifest airs Mondays, 10 p.m. on NBC.

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