Colton Underwood, Jimmy Kimmel

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel has a few thoughts about this season of The Bachelor.

While appearing on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in celebration of host Ellen DeGeneres' 61st birthday, the topic of The Bachelor and season 23 star Colton Underwood came up.

"Do you believe the Bachelor is a virgin?" Kimmel asked DeGeneres.

"Well, he says he is," DeGeneres replied.

"I know he does, I used to tell my mother that too," Kimmel said as the audience laughed. "I think maybe that's the deal, is that maybe he doesn't want his mom to know that he's know. I mean, if I were to announce, like, 'Hey, I just want everyone to know, I'm an adult virgin.' People would say, 'Yeah, that makes sense.'"

"But you look at this guy and it's like, there's no way! It's just impossible!" Kimmel told DeGeneres.

A shirtless picture then popped up on the screen and Kimmel declared, "I mean look at that! That's not a virgin!"

"So you really, you think he's lying?" DeGeneres asked as Kimmel replied, "Yes."

"I asked him if he would submit to a polygraph test and they said 'no,'" Kimmel shared.

"That's interesting," DeGeneres noted. "So you think this whole thing is so that women are like, 'I'll teach you.' That kind of thing? I mean why else say you're a virgin unless it's gonna get girls to can't really be bad in bed if you're not compared to anyone, you know what I mean?"

Watch the video above to see Kimmel and DeGeneres dish on The Bachelor, her birthday and more!

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