Survivor: Tocantins

Monty Brinton/CBS

Whew! Even we were tired after watching Jalapao and Timbira battle it out for immunity and fishing gear in a game of river basketball, which resembled the mud-wrestling scene in Stripes more than anything else, Thursday on Survivor: Tocantins.

The limbs—and boobs (hello, Erinn) and bum cracks (hence the number of blurry dots on the TV screen)—were flying as opening-day outcast Sierra Reed fought to regain her credibility, J.T. Thomas and Tyson Apostol showed leaderesque qualities, and former SWV chanteuse Taj Johnson-George (aka Mrs. Eddie George!) plowed through her opponents like a fullback.

Of course, the real game began after the challenge, won by...

Jalapao! The short-handed tribe, having been the first to Tribal Council last week, came from two baskets down to take the fishing tackle and the glory. (Once again, there was only one challenge tonight.)

The victors picked Timbira member Brendan Synnott to go to Exile Island—and, thanks to the newest twist introduced by Jeff Probst, he brought Taj, from the winning team, along with him.

While they were pseudobonding, Timbira had a choice to make—send home the slight Sierra or chatterbox Candace Smith.

Just when they seemingly had decided on Sierra, Benjamin "Coach" Wade (we're still amused by that moniker) started turning the tables after Candace's negativity started to really bum him out, and he got resident cougar Debbie Beebe to agree.

So it was Candace who got the boot at Tribal Council, 7-1.

Survivor: Tocantins Down to 14
What made you feel like you were on the receiving end of a Taj chokehold?
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