Nadya Suleman

NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Gosh, which is more grotesque: Octomom's immediate nursing of her media connections (instead of tending to the gazillion kids she's grown, specimen-like) or her latest reported million-dollar real estate search, as she's supposedly looking to buy a $1.24 million home.

God forbid the donated money goes toward diapers, food or even a more practical house Octomom can call her own (and not her mother's). Also, it's totally safe to note that, as TMZ points out, when scanning the mansion's pics, there is no safety gate around the backyard pool.

But it doesn't stop there. This has to be one of the most kid unfriendly houses ever. The marble edges at every turn of the home just scream child-safety, don't you think? I mean come on, this is a woman who has 14 kids!

How many of them are going to have their cheeks bashed in by the kitchen's ornate corners because the nanny isn't minding them while mommy's at Arianna Huffington's tea party benefit for unfairly scorned cable mommies who need spa treatments in Ojai?

Or, as one real estate agent who was in on the mansion search for Octomom put it: "Many of her children already have physical and developmental problems. Imagine the emotional ones that will be imposed merely by having her for a mother! My heart goes out to each of them." Mine, too.

Someone needs to snatch these babies and put them in home with million-dollar 'rents, not sinks.

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