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It's official. The Hayden and Milo rumors are out of control.

After multiple outlets reported the Heroes couple broke up because of their age difference (she's 19 and he's 31), the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting the two called it quits because of a pregnancy scare.

And yet, when we reached out to our own sources who work on the show, one of them told us, "They're still together." And a second insider, who was on set when they shot a scene together recently, insists, "They seemed very happy together. Actually, there was never a time when I saw them unhappy."

So what's the real story? And who's Hayden kissing now?

According to a source close to the couple, "Milo and Hayden are an intensely private couple, so everything out there in the press is speculation and hearsay. Only they know what's really going on. They never acted 'together' on set, and they still aren't acting 'together' now."

So that settles that, right? Of course not. And the rumors will keep on keeping on.

Still, as Heroes fans, we're still much more intrigued by the new hottie who's playing tonsil hockey with Hayden on the show...Aquaboy!

Last week, Clairebear (Hayden) put her own life in danger to save comic-book geek/sexy surfer boy Alex (Aquaboy), played by former Everwood hottie Justin Baldoni. We just checked in with Baldoni himself, who dished that he and Hayden will share a steamy underwater kiss in the March 2 episode, "Exposed." (Check it out in the photo above.)

"I can breathe underwater," Baldoni explains. "It's every guy's fantasy to have a superpower, and I'm so happy I got this part."

Breathing underwater is every guy's fantasy? Hello, you're making out with Hayden Panettiere!

Last week, there did seem to be a little Bonnie and Clyde-like energy. They weren't robbing banks, but they were escaping from the Man, and Baldoni told us this crisis is going to bring the two together. "There was definitely some on-screen chemistry," he said. "She's the best actress I've ever worked with, and we really connected."

Hmmm...Could there be a real-life love connection that led to the rumors of Hayden and Milo's breakup? No way. Baldoni told us he has a longtime girlfriend. So you can officially cross that theory off the list.

As for how long Fishface (Adam) will be sticking around, Baldoni said that's up to you. "We'll see what the fans think, but it's definitely a show that I would love to be a part of." So if you're digging the new Aquaman, hit the comments to keep him around. (And if you really can't resist, we suppose you can share your theories on Milo and Hayden, too.)

—Additional reporting by Whitney English and Gisele Ugarte

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