Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is feeling old.

At last night's fundraiser for the International Medical Corps work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Children Mending Hearts founder Lysa Heslov gushed about People magazine naming Affleck the Sexiest Man 2002.

"That was very nice what you said about me," the 36-year-old father of two said. "But I'm not sure you needed to put the date of the Sexiest Man Alive."

Among those laughing at Affleck's quip was his wife, Jennifer Garner. Garner didn't spend much time at the event, but when she was there, the two were lovey-dovey, holding hands and hugging

However, it was a bit puzzling as to why Garner didn't do more to help promote her hubby's big cause. She skipped the red carpet altogether and kept to one table inside. When she left, she kept her head down and was trailed by at least one big burly bodyguard.

Less press-shy was Anderson Cooper. When Affleck presented an award to Cooper for his work bringing attention to war-ravaged regions of Africa, the CNN newsman couldn't help but gush over the actor. No, not about his Sexiest Man title...

"He's become an important advocate in informing Americans about the situation in Congo," Cooper said of the actor-director to applause, adding, "He deserves a lot of credit for that."

I was, of course, Twittering from the benefit, which took place at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Read on for the play-by-play:

* African drum band playing on stage. Hank Azaria chatting to Elizabeth Berkley and her hot artist hubby Greg Lauren. from txt

* Richard Kind on stage with /Rich Eisen. Now gospel choir. Ben Affleck across room...Benji—or Joel?—Madden walking in. Uh-oh. Losing B-berry service. about 14 hours ago from txt

* Lysa Heslov of Children Mending Hearts says Affleck makes many trips to Congo we don't know about. She says he is true activist. about 13 hours ago from txt

* Affleck on stage now. about 13 hours ago from txt

* Ben talking about meeting kids with polio in Africa and work that needs to be done. He does sound like a politician. Maybe this is practice. about 13 hours ago from txt

* Ben gives award to Anderson Cooper. Yup, the silver fox is sexy. Makes passionate speech about horrors of war in Africa. about 13 hours ago from txt

* Anderson just won Luke Mangan private dinner for $5,000. Guys cooks for Elton John, Richard Branson about 12 hours ago from txt

* Affleck is working the room while auction goes on. Uh-oh, the auction losing the crowd. about 12 hours ago from txt

* Madden bros in kinda matching outfits. Aren't they a little old for that? about 12 hours ago from txt

* OMG. The auction is still going on. Yes, great cause but they lost the crowd long time ago...whew! Finally over. Sheryl Crow comes on soon. about 12 hours ago from txt

* Good for Ben....He's still working the room. Garner left much earlier. about 12 hours ago from txt

* Sheryl finally goes on. I'm tired. Nighty-night Twitterville. about 11 hours ago from txt

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