Keanu Reeves

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Keanu Reeves strolled around Santa Monica looking utterly doable. K-babe rocked a scarf-and-blazer ensemble as he braved the L.A. breeze, finally getting rid of that awkward, sketchy facial mess he's been toting around recently. Are you all as happy as we are that K-fuzz is all gone? Clearly working overtime was...

Kara DioGuardi, skipping out on her AI duties to hit a recording studio in Burbank. The songstress did have a job before Idol, folks. Another musician there said our girl Kar was even more "real and down to earth" than she seems on the tube but is much  "edgier" in person. Guess edgy doesn't go with the "normal" persona American Idol is trying to pitch us with DioGuardi. After a long day in the studio, K said she couldn't wait to get a much-needed drink. Another girl who is supposedly staying away from the nastyass booze is…

Tara Reid, who was spotted strolling around Manhattan Beach, Calif. Tara may be sober now, but she still looked like a "trainwreck," blabbed our sassy beach bum. T was dressed in Ed Hardy, something designer Christian Audigier might want to snatch away from Reid's paws. "She looked like a complete mess in those skulls and jewels," dished our sandy spy, who also claimed T.R. looked and acted like an utter "disaster."

You know, Lohan and Reid really should come out with a reality show called Linds & Tar. E! should put this on already, and I want a producer credit, got it? Slightly better behaved was...

Warren Beatty, dining at the scrumptious seafood joint Providence on Melrose. War's date for the evening was a cute young thang in her 20s, presumably his daughter. Better times 'tween these two? A fellow patron described Beatty as still looking good for someone whose hair is "more salt than pepper." Hey, why should Clooney be the only dude who can get away with the old-man coif? W.B. donned a navy polo sweater and slacks, as he was relaxed enjoying his meal with the young'un.

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