Wells Adams Slams Claim That Sarah Hyland Will Buy Her Own Engagement Ring

Sarah Hyland is ready to "go after those guys" who made the comments, according The Bachelor star.

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Listen up, Bachelor Nation. Wells Adams has a message for you: he will most certainly pay for his girlfriendSarah Hyland's, engagement ring.

The Bachelor in Paradise star is heated after radio hosts Bobby Bones, Lunchbox and Amy Brown criticized his relationship with the Modern Family actress. After rumors swirled online that the couple might be getting married, the radio hosts suggested that Sarah would most likely be buying her own engagement ring. 

Lunchbox flat-out said, "She's buying the ring!"

To make things even messier, Wells used to work in the same building as the Bobby Bones Show.

The 34-year-old reality star quickly clapped back to make things clear, noting that his "pet peeve" is when people assume "Sarah pays for everything," he told co-host Brandi Cyrus of Your Favorite Things podcast on the Jan. 16 episode.

"Can I go on the record right here? I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account," Wells proclaimed. "I guess the thing that grinds my gears the most is anytime I seen anyone from that show, they're so nice to me. They're so nice to my face. Like if you're going to be a dick, be a dick all the time."

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The radio hosts also dissed The Bachelorette contestant for living with his girlfriend. 

"He probably had a one bedroom apartment here in Nashville and now he's living in a mansion with a multimillionaire." Adding that Wells "still works for the company; he just does it out of her house!"

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The 34-year-old reality star fired back at the The Bobby Bones Show hosts' comments, saying, "Okay, by the way, I did not live in a one bedroom apartment in Nashville…I owned a house then, it was a two-bedroom house!"

Wells wasn't the only one to catch wind of this story. "I showed Sarah," he said to Cyrus. "She was like, 'I'm f—king going after those guys.'"

Bobby Bones cleared the air on Twitter, explaining his comments after outlets picked up the story. "I said no such thing. ever. maybe wells is trying to start something with me for this press," Bones tweeted. "But I like the guy. I got no beef. actually when all of this below was said, I disagreed with it."

While Wells has mentioned that he can see himself marrying the Modern Family actress one day, it doesn't seem like it will happen just yet. The pair recently moved in together and started dating back in 2017. 

The 34-year-old was one of The Bachelorette contestants on JoJo Fletcher's season and also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise.

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